Let him dedicate himself to governing

Let him dedicate himself to governing

The controversy between the two politicians continues to escalate since that intersection where the president, Luis Lacalle Pouhe asked the mayor of Cannelloni, Yamandú Orsi, to “mind your manners”; The departmental head responded to the leader and invited him to “dedicate himself to governing” and not look at what the pre-candidates do.

Tensions between the pre-candidate and the head of state continue to escalate based on different statements that were made in public. The last one was the mayor of cannelloni that he pointed with Luis Lacalle Pou.

“The president wonders, he asks us what we are going to do when we get to the government. Let him dedicate himself to governing. We know what we are going to do. Let him govern and not ask us, beyond the fact that he is accepting that we are going to win,” said the candidate in the presentation event of the four pre-candidates of the Wide Front for next year’s elections.

The mayor declared that what is clear is what they are not going to do if they win the elections next year. “We are not going to prioritize loyalty to our friends over loyalty to our country, we are not going to lie on the election campaign and we are not going to lie to parliament“, Shooting.

“In October we have to win because the country needs the Wide Front in government. And it is not winning for the sake of winning: it is winning to govern and build the Uruguay what we want,” added the mayor who assured that he will put “humility, courage and republican vocation” before the government’s current “monarchical and arrogant way of directing the country’s destinies.”

A handshake with a warning

Last Friday, the president warned the mayor of Canelones – with a handshake involved – about his ways of referring to the government. “We are going to have to start talking better. No no. Oh really. If you want to maintain a good relationship, try to take care of your manners. I say it publicly. Let’s improve a little“, the president told Orsi in the Industrial Pole of Progress.

The handshake between Lacalle Pou and Orsi It gave rise to a brief exchange that was also a passing of the president’s bill for the man who is set to be the representative of the Frente Amplio in the next elections. The reason was the criticism that the leader of the left coalition made public regarding the government’s handling of the Marset case, after the interview that the Uruguayan drug trafficker gave exclusively to the Santo y Seña program on Channel 4.

After this scene, Orsi was consulted at a press conference about what happened and assured that the president’s statements were “totally out of tune”, and that those words “are not up to par with what we are witnessing today.” “I felt and feel a lot shame for what happened, and I want to apologize to the businessmen, the journalists and the population that was there,” he added.

“Nothing and no one is going to keep me quiet about what I think,” he said. Orsi, who insisted on the surprise and concern generated by the tone chosen by the president Lacalle Pou to refer to the previous criticisms made by the leader of the Popular Participation Movement (MPP) to the government regarding Marset scandal.

Asked directly about the comments he made after the broadcast of the interview with Sebastian Marset by the Santo y Seña program on Channel 4, the mayor indicated that he maintains his statements about the similarities between the official speech of the government and that of the drug trafficker: “It is a objective data. Actually what I think happened is that he took the government’s speech and made the same speech. “I don’t understand why you’re so worried,” he said.

“I agree that we have to tone it down,” he added. Orsi, but he emphasized that there is a way to communicate when representing the country’s institutions. “One always has to take care of one’s tone. And of course, we have the obligation to say what we think and Act accordingly. And if you made a mistake, you have to admit it,” he said.

Regarding the relationship with the president, the Canarian mayor assured that it is “normal or institutionally correct“. “It is a matter of personal character, which I believe always exists, because we are human beings. And that it is always good that it does not interfere with the health of the institutions,” he noted, adding that “we do not see so much dimension in mine or anyone’s words either, they are simply some slips that are corrected”.

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