We will have to analyze each of the points, said the FA about the LUC

We will have to analyze each of the points, said the FA about the LUC
December 11, 2023 – 15:26

The opposition assured that its position regarding the LUC, if it wins the elections, will follow what Congress recommended.

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The Frente Amplio presented its program this Sunday, which it will put up for citizens’ consideration, and explained what it would do with the Law of Urgent Consideration (LUC) approved this year by the government of Luis Lacalle Pou against which a referendum was presented that ultimately did not prosper.

This Sunday the Frente Amplio officially presented its government program together with the 4 pre-candidates for president, among whom are Yamandú Orsi, Carolina Cosse, Andrés Lima and Mario Bergara. As one of the coordinators of the program’s writing informed Telemundo, Alvaro Garcia, the position that the opposition will take towards the LUC approved at the beginning of this year by the Lacalle Pou government will be to review it point by point, in case of winning the elections in 2024.

“It is going to go point by point,” García anticipated, and added that “there was a proposal to go against everything and by sweeping to repeal everything approved,” but that at the end Congress “it didn’t seem like the best way.”

In that sense, he assured that “it seemed to Congress another path that is appropriate in a democracy: in light of how it is on the edge of the next change of government“We will have to analyze each of the points and resort to democratic means via Parliament, and turn around some things such as, for example, excluding the participation of teaching groups in the different areas of education.”

“We are clear critics of the 135 articles that we propose to repeal, but we have to look at reality and see how that evolved in each case, and attack each issue punctually,” García added.

Good views for the Broad Front

According to a survey conducted by Factum between two candidates who have been polarizing the vote, Yamandú Orsi and Álvaro Delgado, the pre-candidate of the Wide Front and that of National Party comfortably leads its internal and that is why the consulting firm’s survey, revealed on VTV Noticias, analyzed what would happen if the Uruguayans They had to choose between one of the two as the next president.

According to the responses of the respondents, Orsi would accumulate 51% of the votes, compared to 41% of Slim. This is an important difference, even more so considering that, even adding the 3% that would vote blank or void and the 5% that are undecided, The numbers turn in favor of the departmental head of Canelones.

The survey also indicated that the distance has increased in recent months, since Orsi in the middle of this year it added 46% of voting intention, while Slim It brought together between 43 and 44%, a scenario of much greater parity.

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