Czech opposition leader Babiš calls Austrians “complete fools”

Czech opposition leader Babiš calls Austrians “complete fools”
Andrej Babis

Babiš said this in parliament on Wednesday in connection with the expansion of the Czech D3 motorway, which runs through Central Bohemia and South Bohemia towards Upper Austria. Babiš, head of the opposition ANO movement, accused the Austrian side of neglecting the construction of the S10 motorway opposite on its territory. “They blew the whistle. Why? Because they have the Greens in the government, these ‘magoři’ (plural of ‘magor’, note),” thundered the ex-prime minister, according to the ČTK news agency.

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He further claimed that the Austrian side will not complete the highway to the Czech border until 2031. In his opinion, this would only be five years after the completion of the motorway on the Czech side.

Does Austria need five years longer?

“If it is true that there is an extraordinary EU summit on February 1st, then the (Czech) Prime Minister (Petr Fiala, note) should have a bilateral meeting with the Austrian Chancellor and tell him: Look, I need “That you continue to build,” said Babiš. “It is stupid if we will reach this limit in 2026, while for the Austrians it will take until 2031, that is, five years longer,” Babiš added.

The then Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg also used the term “magor” in 2007 in the direction of Austria’s nuclear opponents. “I know these complete fools a little. The demonstrations will continue indefinitely, but they (the anti-nuclear opponents; note) will no longer obstruct the streets,” said Schwarzenberg in connection with the protests against the Czech nuclear industry.

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