US again includes Houthis on terrorist list in response to attacks in the Red Sea

US again includes Houthis on terrorist list in response to attacks in the Red Sea

Joe Biden had removed the Yemeni group from the list of terrorist groups shortly after arriving at the White House.


USAwhich started last week limited bombings on Houthi positions in Yemen, re-included the Yemen’s Houthi rebels on list of terrorist groupsas Houthi missile and drone attacks against ships in the Red Sea continue, threatening an important global trade route.

The designation will take effect within 30 dayson February 16, although US officials indicated that Washington “will consider” suspending it if the Houthis stop their attacks in the Red Sea.

The designation of Yemen’s Houthis on the list of terrorist groups

The officials They said that the designation of “Specially Designated Global Terrorist” (SDGT), which hits the Iran-aligned group with harsh sanctions, seeks to cut off funding and weapons the Houthis used to attack or hijack ships in the vital shipping routes of the Red Sea.

US Embassy in Yemen.

US Embassy in Yemen.

US Embassy in Yemen.

The attacks disrupted global trade, stoked fears of inflation and deepened concerns that the fallout from the war between Israel and Hamas could destabilize the Middle East.

“These attacks fit the textbook definition of terrorism,” one of three officials briefed reporters before the announcement said on condition of anonymity.

The designation occurs after what American and British warplanes, ships and submarines They launched dozens of airstrikes last week against the Houthis, who control the most populated areas of Yemen.

The latest move by the United States against the Houthi rebels

He US Army carried out on Tuesday a new attack against four Houthi anti-ship ballistic missiles, two officials told Reuters.

He militia movement, which says that the attacks on commercial ships are aimed at supporting the Palestinians in Israel’s war in Gaza, threatened a “strong and effective response.”

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