AFE continues with its personnel reduction plan

AFE continues with its personnel reduction plan

The autonomous entity is offering incentivized retirements to its workers in some areas of the country.

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The National Administration of State Railways (AFE) continues with its staff reduction plan, by offering incentivized retirements to its workers, something that is already visible in the staffing levels in some agencies in the country.

On January 1 of this year, some changes implemented in the structure of AFE came into effect, which included the transfer of the majority of officials to the National Directorate of Railway Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works (MTOP)as reported by El Telégrafo.

To this must be added the entry into force of the incentivized voluntary retirements that were offered by the autonomous entity, many of which were accepted by the workers.

“AFE is ready to pass the lock”

The Secretary of the Interior of the Railway Union, Renzo Giardelloassured that medium that “AFE is ready to pass the lock”, in reference to the capital losses it suffers year after year, and a complex real estate map throughout the country, of which the state company itself does not know how many abandoned properties it has and what their true value is. heritage, something that was recognized for its vice president, Gustavo Osta.

In July of last year, the current administration managed to reduce the autonomous entity’s losses by 68 million pesos annually, after they went from 108 million pesos to 40 million pesos.

The AFE workshops in the department of Paysanducreated by the Midland company in the last decade of the 19th century and which were operational since then, has a staff of only four employees, including an administrator, a metallurgist, a mechanic and a worker in charge of maintenance. the carriages, something that prevents their operation.

As he commented Giardellothe transfer of AFE personnel to the MTOP resulted in the impossibility of carrying out some tasks, such as the maintenance of roads, including those recently built within the framework of the Fund for the Structural Convergence of Mercosur (Focem).

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