Be careful, black ice: It is still slippery in the morning, especially in the central area

Be careful, black ice: It is still slippery in the morning, especially in the central area
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Josef Haslhofer, meteorologist at Geosphere Austria, said it was very smooth in the state today, Thursday morning, especially in the central area and in individual valleys in the southern mountains. It was also very icy in Carinthia, Styria and Lower Austria, especially in the morning.

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The reason for the black ice: “It has been cold in the past few days and nights, the ground is frozen solid,” says Haslhofer. This would cause cold air lakes to form over the lowlands. If warm air then comes from the west, as it does now, it moves over the heavier cold air. “It’s so warm at altitude that it rains. When the rain touches the frozen ground, ice forms.”

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It gets warmer in the morning

It should stop raining during the morning. “Then the black ice should be over on a large scale,” Haslhofer gives the all-clear. The clouds are becoming thinner, the warm westerly wind is reaching the lowlands and temperatures are rising. “It’s already seven degrees Celsius in the Innviertel, so the warm air is already coming through. This will be the case in the central area in the next one or two hours.”

Nevertheless, the meteorologist advises to remain cautious all day – at least if you are not only driving on gritty main roads. “Especially on side streets with little traffic, streets that are in the shade or where grit has not been spread, the slipperiness can remain.”

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Anyone who goes out early on Friday should dress warmly and walk carefully. “The snow comes during the night and will make it slippery tomorrow morning,” says Haslhofer.

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