Minister Martinelli will explain the security strategy to Parliament

Minister Martinelli will explain the security strategy to Parliament

The minister of Inside, Nicolas Martinelliwill give explanations to the Parliament regarding the security strategy carried out by the portfolio since he took office two months ago to replace Luis Alberto Heberand given the multiplicity of criminal acts that occurred in Uruguay in the last weeks of 2023 and the first weeks of 2024.

The security continues to be one of the issues that most worries Uruguayans, and one of those still pending in the management of the government of Luis Lacalle Pou just over a year before it comes to an end. For this reason, and in the face of a growing demand to listen to the word of the new minister – after the exit through the back door of Heber, highly questioned by his actions at the head of the Interior but displaced by his involvement in the Marset case—, Martinelli asked to appear before the Permanent Commission.

The order won over the Broad Front (FA)who planned to call him about the homicides that occurred during the Christmas.

Explanations and reporting of results

Martinelli will not only explain the ministry’s strategy, based on “a “dual approach” that combines police repression and addressing the causes of crime; but will also deepen the three main axes for the functioning of the Interior: homicides, drug trafficking and technology.

“We have a problem focused on the homicides, Theft, theft and cattle rustling are decreasing, but we have a problem in homicides,” the minister had already pointed out after Christmas, clarifying that other crimes did not reach tolerable levels either. In any case, he acknowledged that there is “a specific problem and we take focused measures to try to reduce homicides,” among which is the restructuring of the homicide department.

The other strong point in the appearance of the head of the Interior will be, meanwhile, the presentation of the closed figures of crimes and complaints During the past year, a point of debate also between the ruling party and the opposition.

In this regard, advance data show that the homicides They remained the same in 2023 compared to 2022: last year there were 382, ​​one less than the previous year — which had registered an increase of 25%.

In the plunders a drop of 4.4% was observed, according to data from the National Observatory on Violence and Crime of the Ministry of the Interior; and they went from 23,427 to 22,390, marking the fourth consecutive year of reduction in this crime.

For their part, the thefts They also registered a decrease of 2.7%, and went from 113,954 – they had risen 1.1% in 2022 – to 112,747.

Source: Ambito

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