she murdered an influencer who looked like her to fake her own death and escape

she murdered an influencer who looked like her to fake her own death and escape

The murder of the young influencer Khadidja O, 23, shocked Germany. Shahraban Kh-B, a 24-year-old German-Iraqi woman, was charged with murder the content creator because of her physical resemblance.

According to what was announced by the prosecution, what motivated Shahraban Kh-B to murder the influencer was power fake his own death and thus escape from his familysince he had a conflictive relationship.

Germany: what was the influencer’s murder like?

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Khadidja O, the 23-year-old influencer murdered.

Courtesy People.

As they were able to find out according to the reconstruction of the events, the authorities indicated that the accused did not act alone, but rather did so with help from her boyfriendwho was identified as Sheqir K, 24 years old.

In that sense, they revealed that they both looked for the young influencer on social networks and had two attempts to end up killing hersince in the first they could not carry it out because they raised suspicions.

The truth is that on August 9, 2022, the couple contacted Khadidja O to offer her participation in a music video by a German rapper, however, the influencer suspected that it was a scam and he asked the singer directly if this was real, to which he warned him that it was false.

However, this did not stop the couple, who contacted the young woman again and posed as a beauty center. On this occasion, the victim agreed to an exchange for beauty treatment that she never received. At her place, Shahraban Kh-B and Sheqir K went to look for her, They got into a car, hit her in the back of the head and killed her with 56 stab wounds.

Horror in Germany: the “Doppelganger Crime”

At first, Shahraban Kh-B’s plan had worked perfectly, since when he found the influencer’s body in a car parked in Ingolstadt, a city south of Germany, Everyone thought that she was the one who had been murdered.

In addition, relatives who went to identify the body indicated that it was Shahraban. However, the preliminary autopsy report changed everything, as they confirmed that the remains belonged to the influencer.

After the case became known, the German press began to call him the “Doppelganger Crime“, a concept that is born from mythology and has to do with doubles.

Finally, with all the information collected, Shahraban Kh-B and his partner were accused of murder. The trial will begin in the coming days and, if found guilty, they could face a sentenced to life imprisonment.

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