Which were the Uruguayan companies that exported the most during 2023?

Which were the Uruguayan companies that exported the most during 2023?

Only 28 companies achieved sales worth more than $100 million, with Conaprole being the most prominent.

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A total of 28 Uruguayan companies completed exports for a value greater than 100 million dollars during 2023, with Conaprole as the most notable, making sales of 601.4 million dollars, according to data from the foreign trade report of the International Business Institute (INI) of the Catholic University of Uruguay (UCU).

Among the companies that operated a greater volume of money, the country’s main dairy was followed by Eastern Forestry (UPM), that thanks to the cellulose placed placements for 416.7 million dollars, followed by agroindustrial Cargill, which completed the podium with exports of 371.2 million.

In the top 10 firms, according to the INI report, they continued Tacuarembó Refrigerator ($317.8 million), Euphores (305 million), saman (273.6 million), Las Piedras Refrigerator (257.9 million), Ontilcor (214.3 million), Carrasco Refrigerator (201.2 million) and Press (173.4 million).

X-ray of company exports

Of the total of 1,374 companies that carried out exports In 2023, only 28 exceeded 100 million dollars, with 47 firms that were above 50 million, 129 that exceeded 10 million, 312 that had placements for more than 1 million, 390 that exported for more than 500 thousand and 623 who made sales for less than 100 thousand dollars.

In the case of Conaprole, made sales to 37 destinations worth more than 1 million dollars, while it made sales to 71 countries for amounts greater than 50 thousand dollars, being Brazil, Algeria and Mexico the main ones, although with a strong influence on Africa, making sales to 27 destinations and representing 38% of the total.

As to Eastern Forest Its sales were mainly oriented to free trade zone, followed by India and China, while Cargill placed its products in 15 destinations for a value greater than 50 thousand dollars and 2 for an amount greater than that figure, with Brazil, China and France as main countries.

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