Picture journey into Franconia’s past

Picture journey into Franconia’s past
Willi Frickh, Erwin Hofbauer and Silvia Puffer (from left to right)
Image: Community

A lecture by local historian Erwin Hofbauer about the change in the dice game community met with great interest in Frankenburg this week. The local association was happy about a well-filled hall at the Preunerwirt.

With the help of photographs that are up to 120 years old, Hofbauer documented the history of the place and its changes. The old recordings told of long-forgotten shops, craft businesses and taverns. Electricity generation in the steam power plant in Erlat was also an issue, and the trade and commercial exhibitions since 1962 were another.

Erwin Hofbauer was able to draw on the full range of sources. The books in the “Edition of Local History” meticulously cover 56 inns and bottled beer stores, 42 grocers, bakeries and butchers, 25 mills, 116 small monuments, the church days and the historical background of the market and Frankenburg Castle.

Numerous aerial photographs not only made the economic growth in the town visible, but also its urban sprawl since the 1970s.

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