After a fatal knife attack in Obernberg, his son (22) confessed

After a fatal knife attack in Obernberg, his son (22) confessed
The suspected son was arrested by Cobra forces.
Image: (Daniel Scharinger)

The 22-year-old stabbed his 59-year-old father several times with a knife after an argument. The public prosecutor’s office will request pretrial detention for the man today, said Alois Ebner, spokesman for the Ried public prosecutor’s office.

The autopsy revealed a total of nine punctures in the chest, stomach and back area, said the public prosecutor. The 22-year-old had taken numerous psychotropic medications before the altercation and was therefore initially unable to be interviewed.

  • The OÖN reported: Convicted 22-year-old is said to have stabbed his father in Obernberg, was it self-defense?

“Self-defense variant is becoming a long way off”

The 22-year-old stated that the medication had made him very tired and that he therefore did not want to go to work the next day. The public prosecutor reported that there was an argument with the father about this. The 22-year-old then heard two shots and a little later saw his father with the rifle. “The son did not state that the father pointed the gun at him or wanted to shoot him,” Ebner clarified: “In my opinion, the self-defense option is a long way off.”

When he saw the father with the gun, he attacked the father with the knife with which he had just had a snack, the 22-year-old said during questioning. Then suspend his memory. A blood analysis should clarify how many and which medications the man took before the argument. An expert must determine the sanity at the time of the crime.

Mother in the hospital

After the crime, the father was able to drag himself out of the house to neighbors, and the victim died of his injuries a short time later in Ried Hospital. The suspected son was arrested by Cobra forces. The mother, who was also in the house, was also injured in the altercation. “We don’t know whether she tried to intervene or whether she fell,” explained Ebner. The woman is still in hospital and has not yet been interviewed.

At the beginning of January, the young man, who had several previous convictions, was banned from entering his parents’ house. But he lived with his parents again, reported the spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office. The fatal argument broke out on Friday morning. The 22-year-old was transferred to the Ried prison on Saturday.

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