Straßer won the slalom in Kitzbühel – Feller fourth

Straßer won the slalom in Kitzbühel – Feller fourth
The German Linus Straßer wins the slalom in Kitzbühel

On Sunday he ran the fastest time in the final by 14 hundredths of a second ahead of the Swede Kristoffer Jakobsen, while last year’s winner Daniel Yule from Switzerland came third. Halftime third-placed Manuel Feller, who had previously won the Swiss slaloms in Adelboden and Wengen, fell back to fourth place with a faulty run. Dominik Raschner came seventh.

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Numerous failures – Matt and Gstrein out

Johannes Strolz and Adrian Pertl took 15th and 16th place, while other Austrians did not make it to the second round. The failures became more frequent on the hard and extremely slippery surface of the Ganslern. For example, Atle Lie McGrath, who recently finished second twice behind Feller, was unable to find a footing in the first round and was eliminated like his Norwegian compatriot Alexander Steen Olsen, Fabio Gstrein, Kilian Pramstaller and Michael Matt, who was merging. In the second run, Clement Noel didn’t see the finish.

“Started well, didn’t get very far,” summarized Gstrein and laughed. “I just made a mistake at the bottom and it happened to me at the wrong goal. Two or three goals before or later it probably wouldn’t have been so dramatic.”

Matt was disqualified at the finish on video review after failing to notice his mistake at the top of the course. “I’m usually always brutally affected when I thread the line,” said the Tyrolean, adding that that didn’t happen this time. “When the outer ski vibrates, you tend to cut, you’ve seen that anyway,” he commented on the high failure rate of almost 50 percent after the second round. “You have to ski very cleanly.”

World champion Henrik Kristoffersen with the first start number lost 2.5 seconds to the leader and in 30th place just managed to qualify for the final. In the end he had to settle for 21st place, one place behind the young Swede Fabian Ax Swartz, his brand colleague at Van Deer-Red Bull Sports. “During the inspection I had the feeling that it wasn’t that icy and that there was enough grip. But then you just slipped,” said the Norwegian.

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