Climate-friendly world first in Utzenaich

Climate-friendly world first in Utzenaich
Mario Wagner, Manfred Lenzi and Holger Kuhlmann (from left) from Evercraft opened their facility in Utzenaich.
Image: Kolarik Andreas

“Advanced Carbon Absorption” – ACA for short – is the name of the technology that is intended to pave the way to zero emissions and has been officially used by the Utzenaicher biogas manufacturer “BioG” since last Thursday. On the occasion of a grand opening ceremony with more than 300 partners, investors and companions, the Austrian company “Evercraft” put the world’s first ACA system into operation in the Innviertel community.

The earth’s primary raw materials would run out. The company, founded in 2023, took this as an opportunity to develop technologies that only rely on secondary raw materials. “The highest possible purity is required to produce biogas, which means high methane gas levels are required,” explains managing director Mario Wagner. “To do this, CO2 is split off and normally released into the atmosphere. With our ACA system, however, we can capture this CO2 sensibly, reuse it and thus protect the environment while producing an exceptionally durable material.” In Utzenaich, with the help of ACA, the CO2 waste from the biogas plant will be turned into high-quality carbon products in the future.

Energy self-sufficient production

The material produced by the new plant is a versatile material that, due to its special structure, is a hundred times stronger than steel, but weighs only one sixth as much. The material also has better thermal conductivity and current carrying capacity. “This means that CO2 is no longer released into the atmosphere, but rather is used in a resource-saving manner without wasting primary raw materials. The process is climate-friendly. Low process temperatures significantly reduce energy consumption,” says Wagner. According to its own information, Evercraft would like to take the emission-free production of high-quality carbon products further and also produce them in an energy self-sufficient manner. Another system is intended to help: household waste, sewage sludge or tires are heated and not burned. The resulting gas will be used to generate energy. “This means that the ACA system and the device itself can be operated independently and electricity can be generated instead of being consumed,” says Wagner, who also wants to take on another task with his team: “Our natural areas and oceans are full of a wide variety of residual waste Art. We want to recover this waste from nature and recycle it. This way we can create a sustainable future without having to rely on primary raw materials.” The search for a suitable partner is already underway.

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