The sick princess: Why Kate is so important to the royals

The sick princess: Why Kate is so important to the royals
The wife of heir to the throne Prince William is recovering from abdominal surgery

The wife of heir to the throne Prince William is recovering from abdominal surgery. After her stay in the hospital, she will continue to take it easy at home. Kate’s diagnosis remains private. Palace circles simply said it wasn’t cancer. London. The Princess of Wales will only be able to attend the public appointments that are so important for the monarchy after Easter, and until then she will only be able to do a little work from home. The royals have to be without an important face for around two months.

Kate actually represents a new impetus in the royal family, as an author commented in the tabloid Daily Mail. While the king is at an age where one can expect an operation as planned for him, Kate exudes youth. Not only does she hold her own family together, but she has also brought a much-needed more modern side to the royal family. Now the princess has to stay in the hospital bed for the time being.

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Not the only bad news

Kate’s illness isn’t the only bad news for the royals. King Charles (75) has to be treated in a clinic for an enlarged prostate. And his brother Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson (64), has now been diagnosed with skin cancer after breast cancer in the summer.

At Christmas, the royals were seen together on the way to the church service. Kate with her children Prince George (10), Princess Charlotte (8) and Prince Louis (5). Her slim figure wrapped in a blue coat, a blue hat on her head.

When fashion blogs analyze what Kate or her children wear in public, it sells out quickly – if it’s off the rack. The fact that there are sometimes cheaper items in Kate’s wardrobe serves to promote her down-to-earth image. She always seems friendly and approachable, but still maintains her distance.

Kate is needed

Her husband William (41) sometimes seems a little pale next to her. Kate waves, Kate runs, Kate swings the tennis racket. Your photos are very beautiful. She says very little publicly. She plays the piano and enjoys swimming in cold water. She is committed to early childhood education. And William’s cousin Zara’s husband, Mike Tindall, suggested she could be ambitious: “I saw her playing beer pong!” This is a drinking game. Kate had to laugh at that.

Kate will one day be queen when William succeeds his father on the throne. Kate is already needed more than ever to fill appointments. After the withdrawal of Prince Andrew, who is involved in the Jeffrey Epstein abuse scandal, and the departure of her brother-in-law Prince Harry (39) and his wife Duchess Meghan (42), there are fewer “working royals”. The current cases of illness are a reminder that there is a leaner monarchy today, said author Robert Hardman (“Charles III”) of the “Times”.

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