Today is the deadline to pay the annual license fee with a 20% discount

Today is the deadline to pay the annual license fee with a 20% discount

He Single Vehicle Income Collection System (Sucive) published the schedule of the six patent payments that will be collected throughout next year and this Monday the first installment expires, which will allow the annual payment with a 20% discount and the first with 10%.

The first installment of the patent 2024 of wheels expires this Monday. Uruguayans can choose to pay in person or digitally and, it should be remembered, that payment on date a 10% bonus on the value of the fee.

The other patent fee deadlines throughout this year were set for March 20; May 20: July 22; on September 20 and November 20. If the vehicle user pays the entire value of the license before the first expiration, he will receive a 20% discount on the final amount.

Vehicle owners can check the amount they will have to pay starting this month through the Sucive site. You can find out the new current rates here.

A good collection

In that sense, the interim director of Vehicle Matters, Silvana Vieraassured Underrayado that it has been a good collection so far and similar to previous years.

“At the end of the year, by law, the obligation to pay the transit taxes If you couldn’t pay the patent fee and it hasn’t had much impact, people still pay,” Viera commented.

What is the amount of patents 2024?

Car and truck owners 0 km They must pay 5% of their market value updated by the price table of Autodata minus the VAT, while for those who have owned vehicles patented since 1992, 4.5% of their market value less VAT applies.

For a booming segment in Uruguay, that of electric vehiclesa tax of 2.25% of its market value applies.

Meanwhile, cars and trucks prior to 1975 do not pay vehicle registration fees. Those registered between 1976 and 1980 pay 2,563.13 pesos; Those from the period 1981-1985 also have a fixed value of 3,844.71 pesos, while those between 1986 and 1991 pay 7,689.40 pesos.

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