Upper Austrians prefer to eat poppy seeds

Upper Austrians prefer to eat poppy seeds
The Mohnflesserl is typically Upper Austrian.
Image: Volker Weihbold

In no other federal state is poppy seed flesserl eaten as popularly as in the state above the Enns. For just over a third of Upper Austrians, the traditional plait-shaped pastry is the clear number one when it comes to their favorite pastry. Kornstangerl are most commonly eaten in Eastern Austria and Styria and Laugenstangerl in Salzburg and Vorarlberg. This was the result of a representative study by IMAS that was created for the Resch & Frisch bread report. 1,350 Austrians were asked about their eating habits.

In our state, bread and pastries are served five days a week. When it comes to bread, Upper Austrians most often choose home-made bread (26 percent), followed by rustic farmer’s bread (23 percent) and whole grain bread (18 percent). Baguettes and white bread rolls are bought the least (eight percent). A little more than half of all Austrians (54 percent) eat a roll at least once a week, and a good quarter even eat it several times a week.
According to the survey, seven out of ten Upper Austrians taste local baked goods significantly better than those outside the country’s borders. After a long vacation abroad, many people would sorely miss their brown bread from home.

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