The dollar chained its second consecutive decline and fell to the $38 range

The dollar chained its second consecutive decline and fell to the $38 range

The US currency had another strong decline today, and accumulated a monthly drop of 0.71%.

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He dollar fell 0.78% compared to last Friday, closing at 38.745 pesos, according to the official price of the Central Bank of Uruguay (BCU)thus chaining its second day of decline and descending to the range of 38 pesos for the first time since December 1, 2023.

The US currency accumulates a monthly (and annual) variation of 0.71%, after falling more than 0.28 pesos during this month of January, after closing at 39,022 pesos on December 29, 2023, the last exchange day of the year past.


The retail ticket is sold for less than 40 pesos

On the reference board of the Republic Bank (BROU)he dollar Retail ticket was offered at 37.45 pesos for purchase and 39.85 pesos for sale. For its part, the preferential value of eBROU dollar It was at 37.95 pesos for purchase and at 39.35 pesos for sale.

The closing price of the day in the Uruguayan Electronic Stock Exchange (Bevsa) It was 38,700 pesos, while the maximum price was 38,850 pesos, and the minimum was 38,700 pesos. On this day, the number of transactions was a total of 67, with a transaction amount of 33.3 million dollars.

The crypto Tether (USDT)1 to 1 parity with the dollarwas quoted today at an average of 41.14 pesos for online purchases through a bank or card, and from 41.64 pesos to 43.16 pesos in the Binance peer-to-peer (P2P) market.

The quote of dollar prex It was at 38.61 pesos for purchase, and also at 38.99 pesos for sale.

The dollar over the past five days

  • January 15 — 39,135
  • January 16 — 39,262
  • January 17 — 39,283
  • January 18 — 39,348
  • January 19 — 39,054

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