Falero, Mieres, Paganini and Rando will appear before Parliament

Falero, Mieres, Paganini and Rando will appear before Parliament

The first to be summoned will be the head of the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works, who will attend on February 6.

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After what was the recent appearance before the Parliament of the Minister of the Interior, Nicolás Martinellinow the Legislative Branch will convene for various reasons the Minister of Transportation and Public Works (MTOP), José Luis Falero; to the Minister of Labor and Social Security (MTSS), Pablo Mieres; to the Minister of Public Health (MSP), Karina Rando; and to Minister of Foreign Affairs (MRREE), Omar Paganini.

The first to go to the Permanent Commission of Parliament will be Falerowho will do so next Tuesday, February 6, followed by Miereswhose turn will be on Wednesday, February 7.

He deputy of the National Party (PN), Juan Martín Rodríguezcommented to Subrayado that Falero will give explanations on “aspects linked to the Central Railway“, since the deadlines and costs stipulated for this project “have been varying throughout the current government based on decisions made in the past government.”

Rodriguez assured that Mieres and some authorities of the Social Security Bank (BPS) will present on issues linked to “the evolution and work” of the AFAPs. “We want to know from the government what, eventually, the consequences may be if we move forward with the process of collecting signatures for an eventual constitutional reform that reforms this mixed system that our country has had for almost 30 years,” he said.

To the minister Rando and authorities of the Administration of State Health Services (ASSE) They will be asked about issues related to patient transfers in ambulances. “We have detected serious irregularities in the past government, and we want to know how it has been working and evolving so that this does not happen again,” he indicated. Rodriguez.

The Frente Amplio summoned Paganini to Parliament for Salto Grande

For his part, the Broad Front (FA) cited the chancellor Paganini to provide updates on the situation in the Mixed Technical Commission (CTM) of Salto Grande.

About this, Rodriguez stated: “In mid-December the minister attended the International Affairs Commission of the Chamber of Deputiesthere he expressed everything linked to Salto Grande, but it is clear that throughout this month they have wanted to know from the opposition what changes have occurred.”

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