Good behavior on the floor: You should not make these 10 mistakes at a ball

Good behavior on the floor: You should not make these 10 mistakes at a ball
Having almost disappeared from everyday life, kissing the hand at balls is an expression of polite behavior. The lips must not touch the lady’s hand.
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It’s those nights when the hours just fly by. Because there will be dancing in the coming weeks – at balls all over the country. A highlight of the ball season this year is once again the Gala Night of Sports in the Brucknerhaus in Linz, organized by the OÖNachrichten. Active and former top athletes in the country will come together on February 9th for this ball event, which has already established itself as a fixture in Upper Austria’s social life in recent years.

  • Upper Austria’s ball calendar 2024: The most important dates at a glance
  • OÖN Gala Night of Sports: This is what visitors can expect on February 9th in the Brucknerhaus in Linz

How do I behave correctly?

If you want to cut a particularly good figure when attending the ball, you should follow the following 10 golden rules:

1. Arrival: Have the lady get out of the car on the side of the sidewalk while the gentleman holds the door open. He also opens the entrance gate to the ballroom for her.

2. Wardrobe: The gentleman helps “his lady” with the wardrobe. He first helps her out of her coat and then takes over handing over the wardrobe. The cloakroom attendants usually have an emergency kit with needles and threads for small mishaps.

3. Dress code: The host decides what to wear. This means: The specified dress code must always be adhered to.

For women applies: The less leg they show, the more elegant they appear. It is also important to only take one ball bag with the bare essentials. A holiday dirndl always fits. Women have to endure the high heels until the end.

For men: A white shirt with long sleeves is standard. Short-sleeved shirts have no place at a ball. And: The gentleman never takes off his jacket or tie – even when things get hot.

4. Cell Phones: : Telephoning in the ballroom is considered a break in style. If absolutely necessary, you can have a short telephone conversation in the foyer. Under no circumstances should the cell phone be placed on a table. Souvenir photos are allowed, then the cell phone quickly belongs back in the bag.

5. The Stairs: When going up, the gentleman goes behind the lady to help her and goes down in front of her to prevent her from falling.

6. The first dance should always belong to the ball partner. Request your lady with a friendly “May I ask?” up for the dance. Of course, the lady can also ask the gentleman to dance.

7. While dancing: A ball is not a dance competition. Considerate and space-saving dancing when the area is full is the order of the day. The gentleman should not overwhelm his dance partner with complicated sequences of steps and figures. Kissing or even cuddling is not welcome on the dance floor. Only a greeting kiss or a gallant kiss on the hand is permitted.

8. Between dances: During the dance breaks you promenade with your lady hanging on your arm in the direction of the dance (always counterclockwise).

9. After the dance: After each dance, the gentleman thanks you with a friendly nod.

10. Politeness and good humor: In addition to punctuality, the most important thing at balls is politeness: holding the door open, helping your companion out of her coat, straightening out her chair, offering her an arm. A ball is a real experience that should be celebrated. It’s best to leave the bad mood at home.

The highlights of the current ball season:

  • This was the 101st CV Ball in the Palais Kaufmännischer Verein
  • The Swedes are setting the pace at the KV Ball this year
  • After a four-year break, the Rieder Stadtball is dancing again
  • Dancing and celebrating for a good cause at the Wels City Ball
  • The police ball brings the “Carnaval do Rio” to Linz

Etiquette quiz

Test your knowledge with these 15 questions about proper behavior at a dance event:

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