The mystery about his state of health continues

The mystery about his state of health continues

The Welsh princess will continue her recovery until at least the end of March, after undergoing surgery on her abdomen.

Kate Middleton: the mystery about her health status continues


Kate Middletonthe Princess of Wales, remains admitted to hospital The London Clinicin Londonafter being cirurgic intervention last January 16. He underwent a scheduled abdominal operation, and with rumors beginning to circulate about possible cancer, the Kensington Palace He had to come out and deny it outright.

Recovery will take a long time for the princess, since After 14 days of hospitalization for surgery, he would only resume his professional activities at Easter, which is almost two months away..

Following this, the Prince William He postponed public commitments to be by his wife’s side. He was photographed Thursday leaving the hospital where his wife is recovering. Kensington Palace clarified in a statement that it will only provide updates on its progress when there is ”meaningful new information to share”.

Previous health problems that Kate Middleton had

The Princess of Wales had an operation in her youth, which left her with a barely visible scar on templeand also suffered Hyperemesis Gravidarum in their pregnancies. The condition is intense nausea and vomiting.

The discomfort itself can lead to dehydration, weight loss and other imbalances. This health problem forced an early hospitalization, and consequently, a notice to the public of said pregnancy.

Furthermore, the King Carlos III will undergo prostate surgery, since it has increased in size. This intervention is common in men of his age and, in principle, is not serious. So much so that the Council of State will not be activated, of which two of the most remote people from the royal house at the moment, Prince Harry and his uncle, Prince Andrew, continue to form part, around whom a cordon has been established. healthcare for his links with Jeffrey Epstein.

The relationship with Harry and Meghan

Following the announcement, Prince Harry and his wife were expected to Meghan Markle react or speak out about it. At the Living Legends of Aviation awards, where the son of the late Diana of Wales was awarded, he did not make any comments, nor did he comment on the other illnesses that members of the royal family are experiencing.

As confirmed by the British newspaper Mirror, both Harry and Meghan They sent a private message to Kate and King Charles, where they conveyed their ”concerns and best wishes”.

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