The blue dollar broke its record again in Argentina, could there be a new purchasing boom?

The blue dollar broke its record again in Argentina, could there be a new purchasing boom?

He Dolar blue broke his record again Argentina and the gap with the official exchange rate reached its highest level since the president’s inauguration Javier Milei, which triggered a question: can the purchasing boom of Uruguayans in the neighboring country?

Although the exchange rate difference has given way and the option of crossing the border to make purchases is no longer as profitable, the growing escalation of the parallel dollar in Argentine territory compared to the official one suggests the possibility that the price gap grow again.

It is that he blue It was listed this Tuesday at 1,255 Argentine pesos, its historical maximum nominal value, after having risen 20 pesos in one day and another 100 pesos last week. Thus, the exchange rate gap with the exchange rate without taxes grew to 52.7%.

This scenario occurs at a time of political uncertainty for the government of Milei in a difficult week, where he seeks to advance with the omnibus law of reforms that he considers central to his management and within hours of the first general strike against him, which will take place this Wednesday.

If the exchange difference widens and the price gap with the neighboring country increases again, it will be a cause of concern for the Uruguayan government, after 2023 where the consumption diversion took a good part of the collection.

In Argentina they assure that fewer Uruguayans travel

At the moment, in Argentine border cities they are noticing a decline in sales. “The trade situation was diminished because it is not the same transit of Uruguayans,” admitted the president of the Gualeguaychú Shopping Center, Rafael Vela, in dialogue with Underlined.

Vela admitted that this situation “has been very favored in previous moments,” but compared that months ago the exodus was common and assured that “today the difference is notable.”

In turn, from the Uruguayan coast, the Mayor of Paysandú, Nicolás Olivera, He admitted last week to El Espectador that “it’s no longer useful to go there so much and it’s starting to show.”

Olivera referred to the “unstoppable bleeding” of citizens last year and compared: “We began to set the thermometer and see the wind in our favor in what has to do with the exchange difference”.

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