A Russian military plane carrying more than 60 Ukrainian prisoners crashed: there were no survivors

A Russian military plane carrying more than 60 Ukrainian prisoners crashed: there were no survivors

The prisoners who were aboard the Russian military plane were going to be part of an exchange. The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that there were no survivors.

Russian military plane crashed with 65 Ukrainian prisoners on board that they were going to be part of an exchange. The tragic event occurred in the Belgorod region, bordering Ukraine, and according to the Russian Ministry of Defensethere were no survivors.

According to the Ministry, around 11 a.m. in Moscow, that is, 5 a.m. in Argentina, an Il-76 plane crashed in the Belgorod region. “On board were 65 prisoners of the Ukrainian Army, transferred to the Belgorod region with a view to an exchange, six crew and three companions“, they indicated.

How the Russian military plane with Ukrainian prisoners fell

Russian plane crash.mp4

The moment the Russian military plane crashes.

Courtesy X @Sepa_mass.

In the images that are circulating on social networks, you can see how the plane plummets before a loud explosion, accompanied by flames and black smoke.

After the plane crashed, the Ministry of Defense also assured that a commission from the Air Force left for the place where the plane crashed to “establish the causes of the catastrophe“. The Kremlin spokesman, Dmitri Peskovannounced that Moscow will clarify the circumstances of the accident as soon as possible.

It’s pretty new information.now we are clarifying it,” Peskov told the press, answering a question about the circumstances of the catastrophe, reported the Sputnik news agency.

Meanwhile, the president of the Lower House russian, Vyacheslav Volodinaccused kyiv of having downed the plane and proposed that an appeal be made to the parliaments of USA and of Germany “so that deputies can finally see who they are financing and helping.”

Ukraine-Russia War: air disasters

Since the beginning of the offensive against Ukraine, Russia has suffered several air disasters with military aircraft. Ukraine has shot down Russian aircraft in the past, and last week kyiv claimed to have destroyed an A-50 spy plane and an Il-22 command plane.

In August 2023, a plane carrying the head of the paramilitary group Wagner also crashed, Yevgeny Prigozhinon a flight between Moscow and St. Petersburg in which both the controversial businessman and his lieutenants died.

Russian authorities they denied any implications with that incident, which occurred weeks after the aborted mutiny of the Wagner group.

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