Storm swept over Upper Austria at more than 100 km/h: tree hit moving tractor

Storm swept over Upper Austria at more than 100 km/h: tree hit moving tractor
In the municipality of Zwettl an der Rodl, the storm had to be temporarily switched off.
Image: FF Zwettl at the Rodl

The storm swept over the Feuerkogel on Wednesday with gusts of up to 164 km/h. The value measured at 1,618 meters above sea level was the highest in Austria. But values ​​beyond 100 km/h were also recorded in the flatlands. The storm showed its strength particularly in the Hausruck and Traunviertel districts. The measuring station in Wolfsegg (Vöcklabruck district) registered 106.6 km/h, that in Waizenkirchen (Grieskirchen district) 98.6 km/h and that in Weyer (Steyr-Land district) 97.7 km/h.

Springy 17 degrees

With the wind, the temperatures rose considerably: a spring-like 17.7 degrees were measured in Weyer, 17.1 degrees in Micheldorf (Kirchdorf an der Krems district) and 16.7 degrees in St. Wolfgang (Gmunden district). In Austria it was only warmer in Tyrol: in Haiming in Oberinntal the thermometers showed 18.4 degrees, in Imst and Innsbruck it was 17.9 degrees.

The wind leaders in Upper Austria

  1. Wolfsegg: 106.6 km/h
  2. Waizenkirchen: 98.6 km/h
  3. Weyer: 97.7 km/h
  4. Reichersberg: 95.4 km/h
  5. Kremsmünster: 92.5 km/h

Storm warning until 9 p.m

Geosphere Austria (formerly ZAMG) has issued a storm warning until Wednesday at 9 p.m. The reason for this is a strong westerly current. Wind peaks of up to 80 km/h are also expected, according to meteorologists, who call for caution in road traffic.

According to the state warning center, Upper Austria’s fire brigades had to be deployed a good twenty times over the course of Wednesday due to storm damage. It was often necessary to clear fallen trees, clear traffic routes or secure masts that were in danger of falling over. In Zwettl an der Rodl (Urfahr district) a tree fell onto a power line. The storm had to be temporarily switched off for safe removal, the local fire department said.

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Farmer was lucky

According to the police, a farmer in Ohlsdorf (Gmunden district) was lucky in misfortune. The old farmer was driving his tractor around lunchtime when a strong gust of wind knocked down a tree. The tree hit the left-hand driver’s door of the tractor and narrowly missed the 70-year-old. The man survived the incident with considerable shock and was uninjured. There was an unknown amount of damage.

Weather remains turbulent

  • For a detailed forecast for your region: nachrichten.at/wetter

According to the forecast, the night will continue to be turbulent, although a little less stormy. When the weather is windy and mostly dense clouds, it often rains in the southern mountains and in the Mühlviertel. Over the lowlands the clouds will clear up by midnight and only occasional light rain showers will pass through. Westerly winds continue to reach peaks of around 60 km/h. It will remain windy and changeable on Thursday with wind peaks of up to 60 km/h and rain showers. But with temperatures between 1 and 8 degrees it gets significantly cooler.

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