UTE plans the construction of two photovoltaic solar parks

UTE plans the construction of two photovoltaic solar parks

The National Administration of State Electrical Power Plants and Transmissions (UTE) announced the tender for the construction of two photovoltaic solar parks that will take place in the departments of Long Hill and Saint Joseph.

The launch of the tender will occur in the first six months of this year and requires a investment of a total of 100 million dollars, according to the president of the companySilvia Emaldi. Meanwhile, the two plants will be owned by UTE.

The two places where it is planned to implement these two parks are in the department of Saint Joseph and in Long Hill. Meanwhile, the latter will be found near the converter of Mello and negotiations have already begun for the expropriation of the land where this plant is intended to be built, according to Radio Carve.

The installation of this photovoltaic park It will add even more capacity to the company’s electrical matrix. Meanwhile, what type of solar panels to install is being studied, among which is the option of implementing bifacial ones, that is, they can capture solar energy From both sides.

Greater development for Cerro Largo

In addition to being close to the conservative Mello, The park would also be close to the construction of a industrial plant belonging to the company Lumin – being the largest investment in the department for 136 million dollars – which is dedicated to producing plywood boards and would begin operating in 2026.

In addition, the refrigeration plant is also located there. Minerva, which would turn the place into a productive area that will demand even more labor. In that sense, they announced that the construction of the wind power It would be ready at the end of this year.

UTE invested 280 million dollars during 2023

UTE executed an investment plan for 283 million dollars during 2023, and plans to invest an approximate figure of 260 million dollars during this year in different energy works in Uruguay.

Although 2023 was not the best year for UTE, within the framework of the drought historic event that lowered the dam reservoirs to minimum levels for the generation of energy hydroelectric, The state company not only managed to close the year with profits, but also fulfilled its ambitious investment plan projected for the year that ended.

In that sense, the president of the company, Silvia Emaldi, declared a investment executed for 283 million dollars in 2023 in the final balance of the closed year.

Likewise, he announced that this year the amount of the investment It will be similar, around 260 million dollars, to complete the five-year period of the current administration with the stated objectives met. In this regard, UTE is promoting an investment of 100 million dollars for the expansion of photovoltaic solar source generation of 100 megawatts — the first 25 megawatts will be installed in Tiger Point (Saint José), on land of UTE; while in the first quarter of the year a tender will be opened for a single 75 megawatt park in Long Hill.

The state company will also close the administration with 60 million dollars destined for the renovation of the Rincón hydroelectric plant Baygorria, and 44 million dollars for the maintenance of the thermal power stations, as indicated by Emaldi.

Other works planned in the UTE five-year plan include improvements in energy transmission, with an investment of 220 million dollars in the trust and closure of the transmission ring of the North; $100 million in renovations; 85 million dollars in the master plan Montevideo and metropolitan area; and 59 million at the station Cardal and the second line to Punta del Tigre.

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