The Electoral Court responded to the FA’s request for reports

The Electoral Court responded to the FA’s request for reports

The public body reported that two women and a man used the computer system to find out information about the victims.

The Electoral Court responded in the last few hours to the request for information made by the Broad Front (FA) about the officials who collaborated with the former senator Gustavo Penadésaccused of multiple sexual crimes against minors, to find out information about his victims.

In total, three officials, two women and one man, all members of the National Party (PN) They collaborated with the accused and used the Electoral Court’s computer system to obtain information from the victims, according to Subrayado.

The report clarifies that two of the officials are members of the Commission, while the remaining one belongs to the public body, and that at least one of them had access to the Proteo database to carry out consultation tasks and registration procedures in the departmental electoral office of Montevideo.

These were able to access data such as the date of registration in the Civic Registry; series, number and photograph of the credential; parents’ first and last name; and telephone number with which the victim registered at the time.

The request for reports had been made by the broad-front senators Marina Arismendi, Mario Bergara, Charles Carrera, Amanda Della Ventura, Liliam Kechichian, Sandra Lazo, José Carlos Mahía, Silvia Nane, Liliana Queijo, Sebastián Sabini, Alejandro Sánchez; and former senator Enrique Rubio, in accordance with the provisions of article 118 of the Constitution of the Republic.

The Electoral Court initiated a summary against the three officials involved

Last year, the Electoral Court had initiated a summary against these officials for carrying out the search for relatives of one of the victims of Gustavo Penadés.

In February, once the judicial fair is lifted, the Sexual Crimes prosecutor Alicia Ghione will resume the investigation of the Penadés case and will summon the three Electoral Court officials involved to testify.

Source: Ambito

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