“Absolutely irresponsible”: German medical president against cannabis legalization

“Absolutely irresponsible”: German medical president against cannabis legalization
An output of 25 grams and the cultivation of up to three cannabis plants should be permitted in Germany.
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He told the newspapers of the Bavaria media group on Thursday about reports that the reform project could fail due to resistance from SPD politicians: “I would very much welcome that. It is one of the most unnecessary legislative proposals of all.

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I can understand the concerns of the politicians who are now calling for a revision.”Berlin. The draft does “in no way do justice to the protection of children and young people,” criticized the medical president. Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) knows himself “what regular cannabis use Consumption by young people before the age of 23 makes it difficult if brain maturation has not yet been completed. Releasing it from the age of 18 is “absolutely irresponsible” from a medical point of view, said Reinhardt.

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“Lauterbach has taken on too much”

The medical president also criticized the Health Minister’s communication. “Karl Lauterbach has big plans, maybe a little too much,” said Reinhardt. “I assume he has good intentions, but the success of such complex political decision-making processes often depends heavily on individual communication – and the minister doesn’t always have a good hand in dealing with the various levels.”

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