What do Uruguayans think about the economic situation?

What do Uruguayans think about the economic situation?

The organization Equipos Consultores published the results of its latest survey from last year, which deals with the march of the economy in it Uruguay from the point of view of citizens and their reflections on the current economic context.

The citizen perception of how the economy is important, as this can directly influence consumer behaviors and activity level. According to Equipos, in recent months the inflationary expectation has receded, as have the projections of deterioration in the employment market.

Looking ahead to Elections 2024good economic mood among citizens will be a key factor for the National Party (PN) and the other parties in the government alliance aspire to a new period.

The march of the economy currently generates divided opinions, since 30% rate it as “good or very good”, while another 30% rate it as “bad or very bad”. However, the majority, 39%, affirm that it is “neither good nor bad”, and the remaining 1% preferred not to answer.

Looking to the future, the group of optimists is larger than that of pessimists, since those who believe that it will be “better or much better” reaches 32%, and those who believe that it will be “worse or much worse” is 17%. Once again, the majority segment was for intermediate positions, since 43% stated that everything will remain “the same”, while 8% said they “don’t know” what will happen.

Social stratification and political identities

The report points out that, as usual, as the socioeconomic level of people, there are more positive views about how things are going Uruguay.

At the high and medium-high levels, the approval of the economy It is 43%, while at the other extreme, at the low level, only 15% share that analysis. Curiously, the percentage of people who maintain that economy going wrong is higher among the well-off than among the less well-off: 31% to 29%, respectively.

Something similar happens with the ideological identities, since those who identify with the left have mostly negative views, while those who identify with the right have mostly positive views. For their part, those who identify as center also present mostly positive visions.

Among left-wing voters, 53% considered that the economy is going badly, while only 11% rated it positively. In the center, 36% said it is going well, while 21% showed an unfavorable view. On the other hand, on the right, 47% indicated that the economy is going well, and only 14% stated the opposite.

Source: Ambito

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