A different kind of World Cup: Trauner HAK students are in competition mode

A different kind of World Cup: Trauner HAK students are in competition mode
The 4ak class will present the Brauunion.
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Preparations are underway, nervousness is increasing: the big day of the competition at HAK Traun is getting closer and closer. The second edition of the Traun Business Fair (WM) will take place on February 15th. The format – which celebrated its premiere in the 2021/22 school year – aims to impart practical business knowledge to students.

A total of ten classes are cooperating with “real” companies: In addition to Fronius and the Wipplinger car dealership, Hainzl Industriesysteme and dm are also on board.

“We definitely want to win,” is the ambition not only of second-classer Jasmin Degen (Team Spar). The sporting will to “outdo the others” is clearly noticeable, reports the initiator Christian Koblmüller, who is impressed by the students’ many creative ideas.

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There are no limits to the content of the company’s ideas; whatever you like is allowed: In addition to classic presentations, the jurors expect videos as well as quiz questions. A play is currently being planned.

“We want to stand out,” says Leoni Praher, who is in the 2ck class together with Degen, explaining this decision. The rough idea – a salesperson explains Spar’s different departments to a customer who is out and about with a shopping cart – is already in place, the details are now being refined. And, almost by the way, the class community was strengthened: “Everyone tries hard, we always quickly come to an agreement,” was the tenor of the two.

Much need for discussion

There is also a lot of debate in the 2bk, although experience shows that it sometimes takes a while until there is agreement. However, Leo Kovacevic knows that this doesn’t detract from the fun of planning. The fact that we cooperate with “real” companies – in the case of his class it is the management consultancy Deloitte – is “good and challenging”. The clear requirement is to “behave professionally.”

Tamara Hosner-Bajic and her classmates are among the “experienced” participants; the fourth-graders were already at the first World Cup. While Raiffeisenbank was the focus of their presentation back then, it is now the Brauunion. Having been there before is a small starting advantage: “We already know who in the class is good at what and how we can best coordinate everything.”

New and interesting insights

Preparing the presentation alongside school work etc. is “sometimes exhausting”, but Hosner-Bajic definitely doesn’t want to miss the experience. “It’s really interesting to get to know the companies,” said the HAK student, who was deeply impressed by the tour of the brewery in the tobacco factory.

On the presentation day (the award ceremony follows on April 5th), the fourth graders will not only present the history of the Brauunion and discuss the ingredients in beer, but will also use their own job corner to illustrate what jobs and training opportunities are available in “their” company .

Koblmüller is already looking forward to it; the business teacher particularly appreciates the fact that such a lively exchange takes place at the World Cup. Combining project work with various exams is not easy, but “bringing everything together” is ultimately part of everyday working life. With the World Cup, the whole school is on its feet – this promotes teamwork beyond the class.

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