They investigate the director of intelligence of Brazil in the management of Jair Bolsonaro

They investigate the director of intelligence of Brazil in the management of Jair Bolsonaro

The Brazilian Federal Police launched an operation to find out if during the mandate of Jair Bolsonaro (2019-2022) Brazilian Intelligence Agency (ABIN) spied on politicians, governors and Supreme Court judges, such as Alexandre de Moraes and Gilmar Mendes.

He main objective of the operation is the former director of the ABIN and now federal deputy for the Liberal Party (PL) of Bolsonaro Alexandre Ramagen, who headed the agency between July 2019 and March 2022.

The investigation into Brazil’s intelligence director

Within the framework of this investigation they were two men arrested and seven officers were suspended who would have participated in these events.

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The Bolsonaro Government spied on 30,000 opponents from the ABIN and saved the illegally collected data in a storage cloud located in Israel.

Named as Approximate Surveillancethis operation is part of an investigation that was launched in October 2023 called First Milewhich investigates the alleged illegal use of the FirstMile tracking appreported the news agency Europe Press.

In addition to Mendes and De Moraes, the ABIN would have illegally tracked mobile devices of the former president of the Chamber of Deputies Rodrigo Maia and the former governor of Ceará and current Minister of Education in the Government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva Camilo Santana, Brazilian media revealed.

The information given by the Federal Police

By announcing the operation that began today – whose characteristics were not revealed -, the Federal police reported that it intends to investigate the alleged criminal organization that was installed in the ABIN, whose offices have already been raided, to “illegally monitor public authorities and other people, using geolocation tools from mobile devices without proper judicial authorization.”

According to the police, the evidence obtained so far indicates that A parallel structure was created in the ABIN and? tools and services were used of this State agency for illegal actionssuch as producing information for political and media use, obtaining personal benefits and even interfering in Federal Police investigations, reported the Sputnik news agency.

The charges that those investigated would have

The investigated can respond for crimes of invasion of another’s computer equipment, criminal organization and interception of telephone or computer communications without judicial authorization or for purposes not authorized by law.

According to investigations by the local press, the ABIN leadership under the orders of Bolsonaro irregularly used software called Frist Miledeveloped by the Israeli company Cognyte (formerly Verint).

Total police investigate 21 people, including Ramagem, who is currently a federal deputy (the agents searched his office in the Chamber of Deputies and his apartment in Brasilia).

Ramagem sounded like a favorite to be a candidate for Bolsonarism for mayor of Rio de Janeiro in the municipal elections to be held in October of this year.

The people who were investigated during Bolsonaro’s administration

He current chief director of the Federal Police of BrazilAndrei Rodrigues, said on the 5th of this month that the Bolsonaro’s government spied on 30,000 opponents from the ABIN and saved the illegally collected data in a storage cloud located in Israel, he denounced today.

“These data of the people, Brazilian citizens who were monitored, were being stored in the cloud in Israel, because the company responsible for this tool is Israeli,” Commissioner Rodrigues told the GloboNews news channel.

The infiltration of an intern before Bolsonaro comes to power

However, long before Bolsonaro will come to powerhis collaborators had infiltrated as an informant to an intern who worked in the Supreme Federal Court, the highest court of Brazil What opened cases against far-rightists and the former president himself for attacking democracy, according to conversations included in the case file revealed weeks ago.

He infiltration scandal It occurred with a law student intern who worked for three years, until 2019, in the office of Judge Ricardo Lewandowski, according to what can be extracted from the conversations, which were made publicly known on the 6th of this month.

Tatiana García Bressan, 45 years old, He was an intern until January 2019when Bolsonaro took office, but During the electoral campaign he reported on all the movements that recorded from the judges of the court to Allan dos Santosone of the main communicators of the Brazilian extreme right.

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