Mujica assured that what is best for Uruguay is Yamandú Orsi

Mujica assured that what is best for Uruguay is Yamandú Orsi

The ex-president Jose Mujica assured that the mayor of Canelones, Yamandú Orsi, “It is what is best for Uruguay”, when expressing his position regarding the elections 2024, but also sending a message inside the Broad Front, where you will face Carolina Cosse.

The former president insisted on his inclination for the Orsi to govern the country and based its support on two pillars: management experience and the need to “look to the future.” inside”, as stated in an interview with Radio Sarandí.

Mujica He maintained that “there is no practical university for the government,” which is why he highlighted “the experience” of the Canarian departmental head, when considering Cannelloni as “a small Uruguay”.

Regarding the internal situation, he did not hesitate to point out: “I’m going to fight for him. I don’t know if he has a better chance, but I have my inclination.” “I know that to Uruguay what suits you best is Orsi because you have to look inward,” he insisted.

Along these lines, he indicated that “it is necessary decentralize to develop the country” and compared: “A white mayor told me that for every 100 pesos that the central government collects in the interior, 30 come back.” “Everyone talks about decentralization, but if you don’t bring universities and factories inside, you won’t decentralize anything,” he defined his thoughts.

The former president accused the government of “always kicking”

As for the possibility of a political rift, Mujica He called to “lower the ball,” and then questioned that “this government has had a characteristic since it took office and that is to always kick the opposition.”

“Talking to people who think differently is the way to idealize democracy,” said the Broad Front, who added: “I don’t believe that the country has a way out with this logic of 50% against 50%.”

On the other hand, he sought to raise the discussion and stated: “My concern is that the campaign touches on certain ideas. We spent a drought disastrous and a few producers with access to irrigation who had spectacular harvests. So I ask myself: ‘What are they doing that doesn’t impound the water? And then we discuss any nonsense, as if the president rode a motorcycle.”

Mujica referred to the “uncertainty” of exporters with Argentina

Besides, Mujica focused on the situation of the Uruguayan exporters, who begin to observe Bopreal which was launched as a way to collect debt from importers of Argentina, something that does not convince in the country.

“There is uncertainty because Uruguayan exporters have great difficulty collecting in the Argentina for a long time and the solution in quotes that the new government defined does not satisfy the Uruguayan side,” he questioned the bond launched by the government of Javier Milei.

On that point, he concluded: “This generates a lot of distrust in the monetary instability of the Argentina. “It matters, because although trade from our side has decreased, as a value-added sales market it is important for many SMEs.”

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