BROU generated more than US$600M in profits during 2023 and broke its record

BROU generated more than US$600M in profits during 2023 and broke its record

The president of Banco República, Salvador Ferrer, highlighted that 80% of the capital is destined for General Revenues and valued the role of credits.

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He Bank of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay (BROU) generated profits of more than 600 million dollars in 2023, which constitutes a record figure for the institution, as confirmed by its president, Salvador Ferrer.

He BROU, recognized as the best bank in the country, it also allocated 80% of the capital to General Revenues, for state purposes, while it focused on becoming an important support in the expansion of the credit, mainly in the agricultural sector after the impact generated by the drought.

Ferrer He highlighted that “the bank is giving extraordinary results” and valued that this situation “gives peace of mind to all Uruguayans as owners and shareholders of the institution.”

Embed – Interview with the president of BROU, Salvador Ferrer

BROU credits, key to sustaining economic activity

On the other hand, he highlighted that the BROU It became a credit support for companies against the pandemic, the drought and the water crisis, which led to credit expanding by more than 50% since 2020.

“The bank has been a very important support for the economic activity could be expanding,” Ferrer defined, something that has its correlation in reality, since the credit In agriculture it expanded by 12% despite the climate phenomenon.

The use of cards and the modernization of the payment system

On the other hand, the leader highlighted the repositioning of the Credit cards, with the delivery of more than 300,000, while he specified that a replacement of debit cards is carried out, among which the most widespread is the Teacher of BROU.”

On the other hand, Ferrer recalled that the instant transfers, available 24 hours a day, free of charge for movements of up to 2,000 pesos, after which he ruled: “The payment system It has made very significant progress, of which we feel firm promoters.”

Finally, he anticipated that in the coming weeks it will be possible to make payments to businesses through QR codes.

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