Fuel sales grew by 25% on the coast due to the rise in prices in Argentina

Fuel sales grew by 25% on the coast due to the rise in prices in Argentina

The sales of fuels grew by 25% in the coast compared to last year, as confirmed by the government, due to the devaluation and the escalation in the prices of naphtha and the gasoil in Argentina after the inauguration of the president Javier Milei.

He vice president of Ancap, Diego Durand, highlighted in dialogue with Underlined that “there was a 25% improvement compared to last year in sales on the border with Argentina” and added that something similar happens in the border departments with Brazil, where they recovered 15%.

The leader, who leads the state company on an interim basis, maintained that in both places “a greater discount is applied “Imesi” and highlighted that it is “a stimulus to binational places that have been hit during recent times, as a result of situations and economies in other countries,” such as the exchange difference with Argentina.

However, that price gap seems to be giving way in recent weeks based on the measures taken by the administration of Milei, with an increase in prices in the neighboring country.

On the coast they are beginning to feel the end of the effects of the exchange rate difference

The effects of exchange difference, which caused a constant crossing of Uruguayans to Argentina to make purchases and a subsequent consumption diversion which caused problems on various fronts, is beginning to diminish.

One of the voices that recognized it most emphatically was that of Mayor of Paysandú, Nicolás Olivera, who maintained that “it is no longer useful to go there so much and it is starting to show,” in communication with El Espectador.

For Olivethe “unstoppable bleeding” of last year ended and noted: “We began to set the thermometer and see the wind in our favor in what has to do with the exchange difference”.

What happens with the blue dollar in Argentina?

Meanwhile, the Dolar blue It began to fall in recent days in the neighboring country and today crowned its biggest downward streak in six weeks, remaining at 1,170 Argentine pesos for purchase and 1,220 Argentine pesos for sale, according to a survey by Ámbito Argentina in the caves of the City .

With the decrease of 25 pesos today, it achieved its largest daily decline since last January 11 and the gap with the official exchange rate remained at 48.2%, after having exceeded 52% at the beginning of the week.

This situation seems auspicious to leave behind the problem of exchange difference in Uruguay, Although we will have to see how the market reacts next week after the measures announced today by the Minister of Economy of the neighboring country, Luis Caputo, who today announced that the government will renounce the fiscal chapter of the omnibus law that promotes Milei.

“What we in no way want is for something that is necessary and urgent to be delayed due to this fiscal chapter, which is what we really want to show the world, because everyone is watching. For this reason, we have decided to withdraw the fiscal chapter of the Base Law in order to facilitate and accelerate its approval,” he expressed Caputo at a press conference.

On the other hand, he anticipated that the dollarization It is not archived. “It is a goal of this government and it will be done when the conditions are right,” said the leader of the neighboring country.

Source: Ambito

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