Join the stock market game

Join the stock market game
Award ceremony last year: Ingo Mews (l.) won the adult competition.
Zakir Jawadi won the student competition.
The Linz technical center at the HTL Paul-Hahn-Straße was successful in 2023 with first and third place.
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How does the OÖN stock market game work?

Each participant receives a fictitious starting capital of 50,000 euros. It is possible to trade securities online on your PC, tablet or smartphone for eight weeks. Whoever achieves the best performance at the end wins. The game started on January 25th, 2024 and ends with the closing prices on March 20th, 2024. You can join at any time. There are prizes worth a total of around 40,000 euros to be won. The stock market game is organized by OÖNachrichten and Raiffeisen Oberösterreich. The award ceremony will take place at the stock exchange game final event in May 2024.

Zakir Jawadi won the student competition.

Who can participate in which categories?

Anyone who has reached the age of 18 at the start of the game can take part in the individual ranking for adults. Students from the ninth grade onwards are allowed to take part in the student competition. School classes are allowed to participate in the class evaluation together with a teacher. Each participant is allowed to have a game deposit.

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Which schools can participate?

The student and class rankings are an integral part of the stock market game and are supported by the State School Council for Upper Austria. Thousands of young people take part, and dedicated teachers accompany and support them. The stock market game becomes part of the lesson. Students and classes from the ninth grade onwards are eligible to take part. This means that HAK, HTL, polytechnic, technical schools, upper secondary schools and vocational students (including apprentices) can take part. Last but not least, the game is intended to improve students’ financial knowledge.

The Linz technical center at the HTL Paul-Hahn-Straße was successful in 2023 with first and third place.
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What are the weekly classification and the regional rally?

This year a weekly winner will also be chosen every week. Whoever made the biggest price gain during this particular period wins a special prize. There are also separate rankings in six Upper Austrian regions. The division of the regional rally corresponds to the six local editions of the OÖNachrichten. There are therefore ratings in the regions Linz (including Linz-Land and parts of the Urfahr area), Wels (including Wels-Land, Grieskirchen, Eferding), Steyr (including Steyr-Land, Kirchdorf, Amstetten), Salzkammergut, Innviertel and Mühlviertel.

Which securities are traded and are there any fees?

All securities listed on the homepage at oon-boersespiel.at can be fictitiously bought and sold. Selected stocks from the following indices are available: ATX, DAX, TecDAX, Euro Stoxx 50, SMI, Dow Jones Industrial and Nasdaq 100. Selected funds, ETFs and certificates can also be traded. For each order, fictitious expenses are deducted from the starting capital; this expense rate is 0.25 percent of the transaction value. For stock and certificate orders, a minimum fee of 17 euros will be charged. In addition, three euros will be charged for each order. The securities capital gains tax is not taken into account for technical reasons.

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What dates will be announced?

The participants agree that their name, their respective current ranking, the transactions and portfolio contents can be published on the websites oon-boersespiel.at and boerse-live.at as well as in the OÖNachrichten.

22. OÖN stock market game

The OÖNachrichten and Raiffeisen Oberösterreich are organizing the stock market game for the 22nd time. These are the most important steps.

  1. Register / Log In: Go to the website oon-boersespiel.at and fill out the registration form or log in with your existing user data. You can also get in via a link on the OÖN website nachrichten.at.
  2. Rules of the game: You can find all the information on the website. After registering, you will receive 50,000 euros in fictitious starting capital. A maximum of 20 percent of the money
    may be invested in one title at a time in order to achieve optimal diversification. You can join the game at any time.
  3. Product selection: The following stocks from the following indices are available: ATX of the Vienna Stock Exchange, DAX and TecDAX of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, SMI of the Zurich Stock Exchange, Dow Jones and Nasdaq-100 in New York, Euro Stoxx 50 with Europe’s most important stocks. Selected investment funds, ETFs and certificates can also be traded.
  4. Intermediate status: On the Börsespiel website you will not only find all general information, you will also see the current rankings and can check how you compare to your competitors.
    You can also find information about the stock market daily in the business section of OÖNachrichten and on boerse-live.at – Raiffeisen Oberösterreich’s securities portal.

Prices adults

Main prize: The main prize is the new Suzuki Swift Hybrid clear worth 16,990 euros – provided by Kepler-Fonds KAG and Auto Günther. The other prices are also very attractive.

2nd prize: Certificate vouchers and a wellness holiday from Raiffeisen certificates worth 4000 euros

3rd prize: Schroders fund and an evening in the Brucknerhaus from Schroders and the Brucknerhaus worth 3266 euros

4. Prize: Short vacation in Italy from Reisewelt worth 1200 euros

5. Prize: Linz City vouchers from City Shopping Linz worth 1000 euros

This is what students win

1st Prize: E-bike Hrinkow E-Force FS Shimano worth 5249 euros

2nd prize: MacBook Air 13” worth 949 euros

3rd prize: iPad 8 128 GB worth 293 euros

School class prices

1st Prize: LASK home game in the Raiffeisen Arena including meals (2000 euros)

2nd prize: Private cinema screening including snacks at Star Movie (500 euros)

3rd prize: School Jump in the Jump Dome Linz (450 euros)

Special price weekly price

There are not only prizes for the best adults, students and school classes, but also a weekly ranking. It is possible to win Kepler fund vouchers worth 500 euros eight times if you have achieved the best performance of the week.

This is new in the stock market game

The country’s largest stock market game is an exciting competition with emotional moments at the award ceremony, which will take place on May 7th this year. The stock market game has proven itself over many years, but there is also some news this year:

  • Inclusion of the SMI in the product selection: This year, for the first time, you can also trade shares in the SMI, the Swiss stock index. Well-known stocks such as Nestle, Roche and Novartis are also included.
  • Even more avatar pictures: There are many new avatar images available this year to round off your personal profile. The existing avatars have been expanded to include the categories of animals, leisure and professions.
  • Challenges in personal groups: This year it is possible to compete in personal groups with selected people. Five groups with an unlimited number of participants can be created per player. The groups are displayed in a separate register – according to the creation date – in the profile and are not publicly visible.
  • Weekly ranking: The best stock market player of the current game week wins fund vouchers from Kepler-Fonds KAG worth 500 euros. The top ten of the current game week appear in their own ranking. The results of the past few weeks can be looked back using the drop-down menu.
    There are a total of eight additional prizes because the stock market game lasts eight weeks.
  • Request username via email: The most recent OÖN stock exchange game was a year ago now. If you have forgotten your user data, you can easily request or reset it online.
    You can find the “Forgot username” or “Forgotten password” functions in the log-in box, directly under the registration link.

We would like to thank all sponsors and partners of the stock market game:

Kepler Fund KAG
Auto Günther GmbH
Raiffeisen certificates
Brucknerhaus Linz
Travel world
City Shopping Linz
Star Movie
Jump Dome Linz

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