Only 30% of real estate companies use AI to sell homes

Only 30% of real estate companies use AI to sell homes

Proptech and Fintech continue to be two of the values ​​with the highest growth forecasts, supported by the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. What will happen during 2024?


He Proptech It is going to be one of the major sectors to closely follow this 2024. And, despite the general decline in investment Due to the current complex macroeconomic context, one in two Real estate companies will invest, at least, the same as last year in digitizationaccording to data collected by ENLACE, a consulting firm specialized in connecting technology and innovation with the real estate and financial world.

In Spainone of the five countries in the world with the highest accumulated investment in Proptechthe year 2023 was marked by the emergence of the Artificial intelligence. “Until now, only 30% of companies in the real estate sector have integrated this technological solution to close operations. Therefore, this 2024 will continue to be a key trend in the process of digital transformation and of business model change of the organizations”, detailed Vicenç Hernández Reche, Marc Ollé, Francesc Salas and Sergi Brun, founding partners of the consulting firm.

“As happens in other sectors of activity, we must assume a decrease in the total volume of investment in Proptech for this year. However, despite being far from the levels of 2021, there will continue to be registered very positive figures compared to other sectors. He rise of startups newly created on the market or consolidation of older projects They are good proof of the maturity and resilience of this sector,” said the experts.


Another of the great values ​​to follow this year in the sector is the Climate Techand specifically those aspects related to the real-estate marketor what is known as Climate Tech For Real Estate.

The consulting firm stated that in the last four years investment in this sector has tripled, and that “everything indicates that it will remain as a relevant trend for him commitment of this industry to the environment and the need to fulfill their goals of decarbonization set out in the directives of the European Union“, they added.


Fintech: trends to follow and take into account in 2024

Same as him Proptechhe Fintech is going through a moment of constant evolution and high dynamism. The biggest beneficiaries of this trend are the small and medium companieswho are contributing new and concrete solutions leaning on the Artificial intelligencehe machine learninghe mobile payment and the Blockchain technology.

Fintech 4.jpg

“Although if there is a technology that is driving the Fintech is he Software as a Service (SaaS)”, the experts concluded. The adoption of SaaS allowed the sector to improve its efficiency with applications hosted on the cloud and an interannual growth rate for this year is projected close to fifteen%.

Source: Ambito

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