The political party financing law will be one of the priorities of the year, Argimón anticipated

The political party financing law will be one of the priorities of the year, Argimón anticipated

The vice president confirmed that the project will be one of the fundamental axes of Parliament in 2024.

The bill on the financing of political parties will be one of the priorities of the Parliament during 2024, according to the vice president Beatriz Argimón, when outlining an overview of what the legislative agenda will be in an election year.

Argimon, who recently met with the president Luis Lacalle Pou to outline the axes of the year’s parliamentary activity, he maintained that at the end of last year he observed “a lot of interest in advancing and concretizing” the initiative.

When giving an opinion on the project that seeks to establish clear rules, limits and conditions for the contributors, In addition to controlling the distribution of free propaganda, The vice president stated at a press conference that “it is an important law, which has to be finalized.”

The standard was approved with changes in Deputies and now the Senate He will have to treat it again, for which he decided to create a special commission.

Regarding the legislative agenda, Argimon stated that other initiatives “have a more extensive debate” and even referred within that list to the Euthanasia Law, which generated different discussions between deputies and senators.

However, he recalled that due to the elections 2024 “This is a special year” and he announced that “it makes the parliamentary dynamics have certain different characteristics,” which is why he will convene the bench coordinators of all the parties to define an agreed agenda.

Lacalle Pou will speak before the General Assembly on March 2

Besides, Argimon confirmed that Lacalle Pou will appear before the general Assembly next March 2, where he will give a management report, as happened in previous years.

The vice president considered that it is “a very democratic and republican action that we think is very good to be done to begin parliamentary activity,” while highlighting that “it marks an evaluation of the activity of the Executive”.

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