Hague Carnival celebrates its second rebirth

Hague Carnival celebrates its second rebirth
Brilliant rehearsal atmosphere at the Hague Carnival. Josef Losbichler (on the right in the picture) sings. Photo: Hague Carnival

In the end, former mayor Josef Sturm (VP) managed to buy the costumes, props and the entire inventory of the Hague Carnival from his predecessor Ernst Huber (VP) with an advance payment of 1,400 euros from the municipality. As the long-time chairman of the Hague ÖAMTC branch, Huber also wielded the scepter as carnival monarch when the guard girls held up their skirts to the cancan and the Mostviertelhalle sang the anthem “Am Haager Carnival!” swayed. After the equipment was available again, over which Huber had held his hand as club boss for eight years, the teacher Josef Losbichler, who was born as an entertainer, made a successful new beginning with a cabaret troupe and the big band with city bandmaster Ewald Huber in the 2006 carnival. Ten years later, the volunteer humorists were running out of steam, especially financially: they had a falling out with the hall tenant at the time over how much the fun should cost. There was another eight-year broadcast break and the Hague Carnival was actually history.

It was Mayor Lukas Michlmayr (VP) who pushed for the Hague Carnival to be re-established, says Reinhard Stöckl: “He said, if you don’t do anything during this carnival, then the Hague Carnival will probably be over forever .” As a result, the judge at the St. Pölten regional court, who had already performed skits under Losbichler’s reign, founded a new “Hague Carnival Association”, of which he is chairman. With seven cabaret numbers – almost all of the veterans are back on board – and four dance and singing performances, the Hague Carnival will celebrate its premiere again in its old style on February 2nd at 7:45 p.m. The archetypes of the Hague carnival, the two snotty young boys “Slimmi” (Franz Dornmayr) and “Chilly” (Franz Aigner), are now shuffling around the retirement home with a walker, but even as trembling old people they still say their quick sayings.

Meanwhile, Karl Kinninger is having a double conference with a stick puppet. Stöckl and Gerhard Maiß speak as pastors and altar boys at “Is the church colorful?” based on the St. Pöltner Diözesanblatt about God and the world. Josef Losbichler – a stroke of luck for his many fans – also takes the microphone again: He moderates the numbers as an “emcee” and also sings the song “Amor, Amor, Amor”, at least as well as Julio Iglesias. You won’t find a council of twelve with a prince couple and dunce cap wearers at the Hague Carnival; Losbichler has already abolished that for good. “We are on the same page,” says Stöckl, “we would rather do cabaret.”

Reinhard Stöckl, chairman of the “Haag Carnival Association”, refers to the website karneval-haag.at for advance ticket sales and urges you to hurry. According to the live ticker, 85 percent of the tickets are already sold out

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