The coalition could come to power in Canelones in 2025, according to Adrián Peña

The coalition could come to power in Canelones in 2025, according to Adrián Peña

The senator from the Colorado Party believes that, if they appear in the elections under a common motto, the parties of the government alliance could take over the department.

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He senator of the Colorado Party (PC), Adrián Peñabelieves that, if presented under the new motto Republican Coalitionthe parties of the government alliance have the “opportunity” to take power in cannelloni during the Departmental Elections 2025.

The Colorado legislator and former Minister of the Environment understands that there are several factors to think about in this scenario, one is the inability of the Mayor Yamandú Orsiwho has high approval ratings, to be re-elected again, and another is the wear and tear of the Broad Front (FA)who has governed the department since 2005, after what was the victory of Marcos Carámbula.

“We have an opportunity because the mayor Orsi “He cannot be re-elected and is also a pre-candidate for the Presidency,” he said. Grief this Saturday at a press conference. “I also believe that there is a deterioration in the management of the FA in the department,” he added.

According to Griefin the event that the parties that make up the government coalition “all go together” under the same motto, they would reach more mayors, councilors and councilors than the FA itself.

“If a plus is added to that sum, which is the real opportunity to reach the government, I think we will be competing with the FA and we have the opportunity for that change,” he pointed out in this regard.

“In Montevideo there is a similar situation”

In turn, the Colorado legislator affirms that “in Montevideo There is a similar situation” to what would happen in cannelloniso the electoral strategy could shore up the final vote numbers in favor of the parties in the informal government coalition.

In addition, Grief It takes for granted that the parties will agree to be united in at least three departments, cannelloniMontevideo and Leapall mayors of the FA, and who could also do it in Paysandu, Black river and Rochawhere the victories of National Party (PN) They were given by narrow margins.

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