The Port of Montevideo channel will finally have a depth of 14 meters

The Port of Montevideo channel will finally have a depth of 14 meters

The channel of Port of Montevideo It will be 14 meters after technicians Uruguayans and Argentines reached an agreement after a discussion that lasted 10 years regarding its depth.

Last Thursday, Uruguayan and Argentine technicians reached the resolution that the depth of the access channel to Port of Montevideo It would be 14 meters after it was agreed that it would be 13, El País reported. On the other hand, his amplitude It will go from 57 to 62 kilometers.

The change of government in Argentina caused diplomats to agree and try to boost all the ports in the region to their highest level, in accordance with the ideas of President Javier Milei. For this agreement to be formalized, both governments must reach an agreement through the Administrative Commission of the Río de la Plata (CARP). The president of CARP is Alem García, a former nationalist legislator, while the vice president is the Argentine diplomat, Diego Tettamanti.

Passed to passed

Although the CARP plenary meetings were meant to be next Tuesday and Wednesday, the president of the organization decided to postpone it to a date that is not yet known but is assumed to be soon.

This decision is due to the fact that García understands that there is too much documentation generated by the technical teams in Uruguay and Argentina to be able to organize it before tomorrow.

According to El País, the information generated by the Uruguayan team for Argentina was prepared by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs. Exteriors and of Transportation and Public Works the National Ports Administration (ANP) and three units of the The national army: he Oceanography Service , Hydrography and of Meteorology (SOHMA), the National Naval Prefecture and the Naval Academy.

The deepening of the access channel to the Port of Montevideo will allow the arrival of TCP/Katoen Natie containers from ships with dimensions around 400 meters long, 61 meters wide and with drafts of up to 13.8 meters. These ships can load containers of up to 24,000 TEUS, which today do not reach the Uruguayan port.

The progress of the work at the TCP

The expansion works of the Cuenca del Plata Terminal (TCP) Port of Montevideo they continue with the wind in their sails and from the National Port Administration (ANP) assured that they have already begun drilling and blasting rock from the seabed.

During the expansion of the port, the works managed to reclaim a total of 28 hectares from the sea, while by 2025 it is expected that another 23 hectares will have been reclaimed through construction works. dredging and fillings, which would reach a total of 51 acres reclaimed from the Bay of Montevideo.

Meanwhile, the ANP informed the port community that the expansion of the Specialized Container Terminal will begin a stage of drilling and blasting of rock from the seabed within the framework of the expansion works. This measure will involve a total of 15 hours of drilling per day. However, they assured that the port’s other activities will not be affected and that circulation and operations will continue normally.

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