The Electoral Court registered a record number of political parties

The Electoral Court registered a record number of political parties

The Electoral Court obtained a record of political parties registered for the presidential election of this year where, so far, there are twelve those registered and two have already been approved.

“There are two approved, there are two to be approved, because all the deadlines that established that it be verified that the requirements established by the law and regulations were met have already expired, and there are eight still in process,” explained the minister of the Electoral Court, José Ignacio Korzeniak a Underlined.

Meanwhile, the period of registrations It closed on January 11. To do this, the requirements that the parties had to be able to register were: the presentation of a founding Act, a organic charter and 1,350 accessions – which represent 0.5% of the electoral roll and must be verified.

What are the new political parties?

Among the new forces that appear for the next vote, the Libertarian Party of Uruguay, which was made official and has the lawyer as provisional president Nelson Petkovich.

From space, which vindicates the ideas of Milei, They describe themselves as “the only electoral option committed to the ideas of freedom” and stated that the sector “was born from the nonconformity of different Uruguayans, tired of the same old politics,” while adding the promise of “working to build a better future.” for all of us, trying to be more free.”

Meanwhile, the deputy Eduardo Lust (ex Town meeting) He also managed to form the Environmental Constitutional Partywhich after being validated by the Court will integrate the Multicolor Coalition.

The space of lust bases its ideas on the defense of the environment, the adjustment of the administration to the Constitution and put aside ideologies in favor of political philosophy, promising to “offer solutions to the daily problems of people.” Uruguayans”.

For their part, among the parties that have already been approved are Enough is Enough and Sovereign Identity. Meanwhile, those who are still waiting for approval from the Electoral Court They are: Alternative Homeland, For Necessary ChangesForward Republican, Libertarian, Progressive, Liberals, Constitutional-Environmentalist, Democratic Society, Harmony and Republican Coalition.

The background to the 2019 elections

It is worth remembering that in the internal 2019 A total of 15 political parties presented themselves and 11 obtained more than 500 votes, the minimum to participate in the general elections. Those who did not succeed were the Concertación Party, the Republican Order Party, Abriendo Caminos and the United Democratic Party.

Among them, there were 7 spaces that today are represented in the Parliament. These are the National Party, the Frente Amplio, the Colorado Party, Cabildo Abierto, Independent Party, Ecologist Party and the People’s Party.

Meanwhile, the Green Animalist Party and Unidad Popular were close to accessing a seat and the Digital Party and the Workers’ Party were further away.

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