Uruguay is the least corrupt country in Latin America

Uruguay is the least corrupt country in Latin America

The organism International Transparency published his Corruption Perception Index (CPI) from 2023 and Uruguay ranks 16th in the world, while it is first in the Latin America with minor corruption; Meanwhile, the best three countries globally are Denmark, Finland and New Zealand.

According to the publication of International Transparency, The CPI is the most used corruption ranking in the world due to its methodology. “It measures the perception of how corrupt the public sector of each country is, according to experts and business people,” the organization explains in the statement.

Meanwhile, since International Transparency They explained that each country’s “score is a combination of at least three data sources drawn from 13 corruption surveys and assessments.” In that sense, they highlighted that “the data is collected by a variety of respected institutions, including the world Bank and the World Economic Forum“.

Uruguay, the second in America

Canada was the first on the continent with position number 12, while Uruguay occupies position 16, which it shares with Japan and Belgium with the same score. The country received a score of 73 out of 100, one point less than the previous year. Since 2016 Uruguay It has been oscillating between 70 and 74 points.

Meanwhile, within Latin Americafollows Chili with the 29th position with a score of 66, this is followed by Costa Rica with 55 points in position 45. For their part, the countries with the lowest score are Argentina – with a score of 37 and in 98th place – and Brazil with 104th place with 36 points.

The organization pointed out that the main problem of America is the lack of independence of the power of attorney. According to International Transparency, This “undermines the State of law and promotes impunity for the powerful and criminals to the detriment of the people and the common good.

Uruguay occupies seventh place in the region in the inflation ranking

After countries like Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay, Uruguay occupies seventh place at the regional level in the ranking of inflation with 5.1%; while, Argentina and Venezuela They rank first and second, respectively, worldwide.

At the regional level, after the Argentina and Venezuela, in a distant third place Cuba with 30% and in fourth place Haiti, with 22%. They follow him Colombia with 9.2% in all of last year, then Uruguay with 5.1%, Mexico and Brazil with 4.6%, Chili obtaining 3.9%, Paraguay with 3.7%, Peru with 3.2%, Bolivia with 2.1% and finally Ecuador with 1.3%.

However, according to estimates, most countries in the region will register lower inflation this year than in 2023. Although the analyzes of private consulting firms, and even the projections of the IMF, They foresee that in the Argentine case it will be the exception and the price rise exceed 200% again.

In this sense, the latest report of latinfocus indicated that “regional inflation should accelerate in 2024 compared to 2023.” However, this is mainly due to rampant inflation in Argentina, “since most countries should see a inflation average lower than that of 2023″. In fact, the projection of latinfocus for Argentina in 2024 it is 224%, followed by Venezuela with 168%, Colombia 6%, Uruguay 5.8%, Mexico 4.3%, Bolivia 4%, Brazil 3.9%, Paraguay 3.6%, Peru 3.2% and Ecuador 2.5%.

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