Cabaret “Serbs are slowly dying” in the Steyr Museum

Cabaret “Serbs are slowly dying” in the Steyr Museum
Cabaret artist Malarina will perform at the Working World Museum on Thursday.
Image: Pandurevic

The opener will be Malarina, the rising star of the year who was awarded the Salzburg Bull and the German Cabaret Prize. Marina Lackovic, Malarina’s real name, who was born in Serbia, grew up in Innsbruck and studied in Vienna, presents “Serbs are dying slowly”.

With razor-sharp punch lines, Malarina’s solo program examines, among other things, the question of how the Serbs manage to integrate into Austria. Here is a nation whose image has been severely affected since the imperial assassination and Srebrenica, there is a country whose history teachers still report on this very imperial assassination with unceasing shock.

Malarina invites you to a cabaret history lesson from Sarajevo to Ibiza and examines the Serbian soul and Austrian politics. In the piece she describes the painful loss of HC Strache and the journey of Serbian guest workers.

Further cabaret dates: March 1st: Hosea Ratschiller; March 22nd: We state artists – old dogs, new tricks; June 20th: Dirk Stermann – Brewed

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