Uruguay and Brazil join forces to develop the regional technology industry

Uruguay and Brazil join forces to develop the regional technology industry

The Uruguayan Chamber of Information Technologies (CUTI) signed a cooperation agreement with its Brazilian counterpart.

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The Uruguayan Chamber of Information Technologies (CUTI) and the Association of Brazilian Information Technology Companies / Regional Rio Grande do Sul (Assespro-RS)its Brazilian counterpart from the national chamber, signed a cooperation agreement to promote the technology industry.

As the president of the CUTI had anticipated Carlos Acle in dialogue with Ambit, the organization that brings together companies that work in the field of information technology (IT) will begin to collaborate in a mutual and sustained manner with the Chamber of Brazilian Information Technology Companies after signing the cooperation agreement between both institutions in both the Uruguayan and Brazilian markets.

“CUTI has around more than 400 members and Assespro has more than 2,500 members from the technological world. There we see the opportunity above all to generate more contacts between the member companies of both chambers so that Uruguayan companies that want to work in Brazil maybe they can get in Rio Grande do Sul and not go to Saint Paul, How capable the great Brazilian giant is, and to have a point of contact there and Brazilian companies that are looking to settle in Uruguay “See CUTI as an ally,” said Acle, 15 days ago, exclusively.

In this sense, the main objective of the agreement is to capitalize on the potentialities and resources of both entities, promoting the international growth of associated companies and enhancing the competitiveness in the technological and economic sphere of the region.

The signing of the cooperation agreement, which is soon to begin to be implemented, took place within the framework of the Tip Tech Meetupin Punta del Este.

The central points of the agreement

Since the signing of the agreement between CUTI and Assespro, the two organizations committed to promoting and disseminating activities in areas of training for export, innovation, business growth and financing. The agreement has an initial validity of one year – with the possibility of automatic renewal – and contemplates the communication of all initiatives through digital channels.

Likewise, the two entities will participate and organize institutional events whose purpose is the promotion of their respective technological industries.

On the other hand, the bilateral call for technology companies to organize commercial visits Free of charge for participants is one of the most important and significant points within the framework of cooperation, since it will contribute to the mutual recognition of facilities, projects and exploration of exchange possibilities.

Finally, both parties are committed to sharing and promoting information and researchboth qualitative and quantitative, that result in analyzes and reports of mutual interest.

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