Senator Mahía compared Maduro with Pacheco Areco and the controversy broke out

Senator Mahía compared Maduro with Pacheco Areco and the controversy broke out

Legislators Germán Coutinho and Ope Pasquet, from the Colorado Party, crossed the broad front for their recent statements.

He Senator of the Broad Front (FA), José Carlos Mahíarecently compared some political “actions” by the current government of the Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro with those of former president of the Republic, Jorge Pacheco Arecowho belonged to Colorado Party (PC).

Given Mahía’s recent statements after he was consulted about the disqualification of Marina Corina Machadothe main competitor of Ripe in the next elections Venezuelathe responses of some Colorado legislators were immediate.

“In Venezuela there is a government with Parliament that has actions like the pachecato in UruguayThat is, dictatorial actions,” said Mahía, who added that today the Venezuelan democratic system “does not have the guarantees that one would like, nor the international terms to which one adheres to a full democracy.”

Faced with these statements, the Colorado deputy Ope Pasquet expressed through his X account (formerly Twitter) that it is “incredible that Mahía compares the dictatorship of Ripe with the government of Pacheco Areco”, since “Ripe has just banned the opposition candidate, María Corina Machado”, when “in Pacheco’s government the FA was founded, she voted in the 1971 elections and achieved parliamentary representation.”

For his part, the Colorado Senator Germán Coutinho He pointed out through the same social network: “A daring José Carlos! I didn’t expect it from you. The pachecato thing is a daring that you can’t have with that ease.” “In Venezuela there is a dictatorship!” emphasized the politician from Salta.

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“Pacheco Areco banned matches and closed the media”

Despite the criticism received, on Tuesday morning Mahía commented to radio Oriental that Pacheco Areco “forbade parties like the Socialist Party (PS)“and that there were “closings of media outlets”, as well as “tortures and very serious situations”, in a climate “very rarefied since the emergence and development of the guerrilla of the MLN-T (National Liberation Movement – Tupamaros)“, so “there are some points of connection” with the Venezuelan government.

In recent days, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRREE) expressed “great concern” about the judicial disqualification of Corina Machado, considering that this “directly attacks the holding of free, democratic and competitive elections” in the South American country.

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