Diesel fuel goes down and gasoline remains the same, at what value are the rates?

Diesel fuel goes down and gasoline remains the same, at what value are the rates?

He Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM) defined the new values ​​of the fuels for February, taking as reference the Import Parity Prices(PPI) of the report prepared monthly Ursea.

In this way, the MIEM defined a drop of 1.5 pesos per liter in the price of gasoil, while both naphtha As the supergas They will maintain the same value as last month.

When referring to the definition of the MIEM, its owner, Elisa Facio, He explained at a press conference that the decision was made “following the recommendations of the Ursea report” regarding PPI.

At the same time, he highlighted the role of Ancap. “When we make these decisions we always consult and it is something we also did on this occasion. They told us that the numbers were good and that we could do this,” said Facio.

In turn, the minister referred to the stoppage of the refinery The Tile and maintained that “the jobs are going well, according to plans,” while he anticipated: “We think that in April it will be reopening.”

Embed – Statements by the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, Elisa Facio

How are the fuel values?

After the provisions of the Executive, he Diesel 50S It will cost 53.89 pesos per liter as the maximum retail price starting this Thursday, thus accumulating a drop of more than 9% since December.

Meanwhile, the Super 95 gasoline It will remain at 75.54 pesos per liter for the second consecutive month, after a decline in its value in November of last year. In turn, the supergas It will also maintain its rate, which continues below the PPI.

From the MIEM They also committed to “continue monitoring the evolution of international energy variables, with the commitment to safeguard the economic activity and the cost of living of the Uruguayan homes.”

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