Carolina Cosse accused the government of being unstable and of doing show-style politics

Carolina Cosse accused the government of being unstable and of doing show-style politics

The Mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosseaccused the national government of being “unstable” and of doing “show politics” with some issues, in response to the recent statements of the former Secretary of the Presidency and presidential candidate for the National Party (PN), Álvaro Delgadowho asserted that there is a “lack of leadership” within the Broad Front (FA).

The capital leader once again insisted this Wednesday at a press conference that the government of President Luis Lacalle Pou “it has no direction,” and that this has cost him the resignation of several ministers throughout the current administration.

“This government has an astonishing lack of direction and the truth is that it seems to me that it has to look a little more in the mirror,” said the mayor, who added: “things now have to be corrected.”

“People are having problems,” he criticized cosse. “We have a very serious security problem throughout Montevideo and a huge number of people on the streets,” she explained.

At the same time, cosse pointed out that “there are health problems in Montevideo and throughout the Uruguay“, as well as “lack of medicines” and “closures of polyclinics” throughout the national territory.

“We have safety problems at work,” said the head of the Montevideo Municipality (IMM)before adding that these are the problems that must be addressed instead of “getting into show-type politics”, in reference to the government scandals that have ended with the departure of ministers, such as the Astesiano case or the Marset case.

“The chancellor (Ernesto Talvi) left after a few months, then the Minister of Agriculture left (Carlos María Uriarte), then the Minister of Tourism left (German Cardoso) for a corruption case, then the Minister of Housing (Irene Moreira) for a corruption case, then the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Francisco Bustillo) for hiding information from Parliament“, he expressed.

Military in the street: “A drowning slap and a serious mistake”

On the other hand, cosse stated that the proposal promoted by the senator and presidential candidate for the PN, Jorge Gandini to take out the Army to the street to help the Police in “unsafe” neighborhoods of the metropolitan area is “a drowning slap” from the government and a “serious error”, which once again reveals the fact of “having no direction.”

“When you have no direction and you don’t know where to go, or how to drive, there is no way to manage the complications of the road, here you don’t need the military on the street, here you need the State on the street,” he emphasized in this regard. .

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