Uruguayan delegation to the CARP proposes to start dredging in the Port of Montevideo as soon as possible

Uruguayan delegation to the CARP proposes to start dredging in the Port of Montevideo as soon as possible

The government of Javier Milei approved yesterday the request of the Uruguay to increase dredging Port of Montevideo from 13 to 14 meters, a fact that, according to the president of the River Plate Commission (CARP), Alem Garciawill allow the Uruguayan port to be positioned at a better level.

“Montevideo will be transformed into almost a deep water port, this implies that the mega container ships that only arrive at the port of Santos will be able to reach the Port of Montevideo”, remarked the president in dialogue with Radio Sarandí.

On the other hand, he assured that this work will not only benefit the country but other countries in the region. “In addition to Uruguay and Argentina they will benefit Bolivia, Paraguay and part of Brazil. In the future it could also be encouraged Chili with this change,” explained the leader.

In that sense, the president stressed that it is necessary to start the works as soon as possible. “If I were in the ANP would order the task of dredging tomorrow, but it is not my responsibility, in the CARP we accomplish the task. The work will extend almost to kilometer 62 inside the river. The work is important and will take a few months,” said García.

Meanwhile, regarding the methodology to begin the work, the president commented that, if it has the possibility, it is better for the State to be in charge. “Will be performed tender through if necessary. The ANP will say if with its own state dredgers it can make the dredges at 14 meters. I think that if the dredgers can do the work, they should be the ones to do it, otherwise, of course, a tender will have to be called,” he said.

In addition, the leader highlighted the relationship between both directorates of the river that both countries share. “The treatment was always very cordial and friendly. Very important technical work was done. Since October it was formed, at the request of Uruguay, an interministerial working group with three ministries and the The national army who gave their technical contribution, which was very important,” he explained.

Argentina’s approval

The government of Argentina approved the request to carry out dredging 14 meters from the access channel to the Port of Montevideo, a claim Uruguayan which has been in negotiations for more than 10 years.

Confirmation came from the Administrative Commission of the Río de la Plata (CARP), a few days after the chancellor Omar Paganini and his Argentine counterpart, Diana Mondino, reach an agreement on the issue.

The decision of the CARP It comes after technicians from both countries resolve the viability of a 14-meter access, through which its width is expected to go from 57 to 62 kilometers.

To reach the agreement, the change of government in the Argentina, since the diplomats accepted the Uruguayan terms as they were guided by the president’s ideas Javier Milei, that seeks to promote competition.

Lacalle Pou’s thanks

He President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pouthanked yesterday for the “good will” of his Argentine counterpart Javier Mileias well as the Argentine Foreign Minister Diana Mondinoto reach an agreement for dredging in the access channel to the Port of Montevideo.

The president recognized the cooperation of the Argentine government through his X account (formerly Twitter) to advance the dredging of 14 meters of the access channel to the port terminal.

In addition, Lacalle Pou congratulated the work of the Uruguayan technical team, as did the chancellor Omar Paganini through the same social network. For her part, the Argentine foreign minister reposted the Uruguayan president’s message.

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