José Mujica could join the MPP list in the 2024 elections

José Mujica could join the MPP list in the 2024 elections
February 2, 2024 – 08:27

The former president of the Republic analyzes the possibility of going as a substitute in the first places of the 609.

Former president José Mujica could return to Parliament during the next legislature.

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The former president of the Republic and historical reference of the Broad Front (FA), Jose Mujicastated that he could integrate list 609 of the Popular Participation Movement (MPP) as a substitute for the elections 2024with the aim of giving some concrete debates in Parliament.

According to what the former president told El Observador, being among the first positions of the 609 in the elections 2024whether to enter the House of Representatives or in the Senate“it’s a possibility,” but not a decision he’s made yet.

At the end of January, the Broad Front politician had said on radio Sarandí that although he was not going to participate throughout the entire campaign, he would do so sporadically. “I go somewhere when they call me,” he said. Mujicaadding that an “electoral campaign”, properly speaking, “is too big for him”, since he is 88 years old and it costs him “a lot of nonsense”.

Mujica had resigned from the Senate in October 2020 along with the two-time former Colorado president Julio María Sanguinettiin what was sought was a gesture of good democratic coexistence and legislative changes within their respective parties.

On that occasion, Mujica He explained that one of the main factors for giving up his bank was the pandemic. “He threw the virus out of me,” she expressed with his particular style, stating that she “loves” politics, but that “she loves not dying more.”

Mujica wants to “fight” for Yamandú Orsi’s electoral victory

On the other hand, he assured that he wants to “fight” for the electoral victory of the Mayor of Canelones, Yamandú Orsiwhose presidential candidacy is promoted by the MPP.

“I know him and life placed him in the trance of governing Canelones (for) 20 years and that is a lot,” he remarked. Mujica in reference to Orsi. Likewise, he confirmed that the exercise of government “is an empirical profession,” and that “the experience that he has gathered in that department” is fundamental, since “it is like the Uruguay tiny”.

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