Police interventions to combat drug trafficking increase while insecurity keeps Uruguayans awake

Police interventions to combat drug trafficking increase while insecurity keeps Uruguayans awake

Meanwhile he Ministry of the Interior announced interventions in two neighborhoods of Montevideo, A survey of Consulting Teams determined that the unsafety It is the main problem that the country has according to the Uruguayans.

The Minister of the Interior, Nicolas Martinelli, signed yesterday the intervention by the Police in two neighborhoods of Montevideo: Cerro and Cerro Norte. To these are added Villa Española, Marconi, Cruz de Carrasco, and the area of ​​Boix and Merino, in Malvín Norte.

As a result, on Thursday an arsenal of weapons was seized in a living place, while on the afternoon of the same day there was a shooting in the neighborhood of North Hill. The episode ended with two people injured by gunshots who ended up hospitalized – although they are out of danger – one of them with a gunshot wound to the chest and another with a gunshot wound to the leg.

Insecurity, the main concern of Uruguayans

The pollster Equipos Consultores published a report on the main concerns of Uruguayans regarding their country. The question asked was intended to determine what was the first and second problem that the Uruguay.

The unsafety ranked first with 43% of people perceiving it as the main or second problem that the Uruguay (26% perceive it as the main one, while 17% as the second one). Meanwhile, the unemployment It occupies second place with 29%, while 23% is occupied by the economic situation.


However, the perception of the problems changes depending on the area of ​​the country where they are located since in the inside The main problem is not insecurity but unemployment.

For 49% of Montevideo residents, unsafety is the main concern, while the interior occupies 36%. For his part, the unemployment It is the main problem according to people from the interior, reflected in 34%, while for people from Montevideo occupies 23%.

Meanwhile, the economic situation Montevideans are 28% concerned and the interior population is 20% concerned. The education, For its part, it is a problem that interests all Uruguayans equally with a difference of 1%, since for the population of Montevideo It represents 12% and for the indoor one it is 13%.

Lacalle Pou on insecurity: “We are not satisfied, we are better”

President Luis Lacalle Pou referred to the issue of security and crimes in Uruguay two weeks ago, which he recognized as a “concern of Uruguayans and, therefore, of the government.” “It should call us all to reflect,” he said about the current situation.

The president was consulted about the crime figures during 2023 presented by the Ministry of Interior in Parliament, which recorded 382 homicides – one less than in 2022 -, 4.4% fewer robberies – 22,390 complaints – and 2.7% fewer thefts – 112,747 incidents -, according to data from the National Observatory on Violence and Crime of the portfolio directed by Nicolás Martinelli.

About, Lacalle Pou referred to this improvement in the numbers of plunders and thefts and indicated disagreement with the number of homicides. “Although homicides have decreased, obviously we are not satisfied. Today the Uruguay rose with the death of an 8-year-old boy. One cannot be satisfied and one cannot resign, that violence cannot be a normal relationship mechanism for Uruguayans,” she indicated.

In that sense, the president assured that the government is doing everything possible in the fight crime. “The numbers are good, but we are talking about people, so when the figures are passed on to people, when this type of thing happens it is really unfortunate,” he considered. In any case, he stated that “we are not satisfied, we are better.”

Regarding public security policy, Lacalle Pou He maintained that they will continue “doing the same job.” In particular, he referred to police intervention with specialized bodies, shock forces and patrols in Peach, Carrasco Cross and Penarol, where “significant pushes of violence” had been recorded.

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