New app shows where which medications are in stock

New app shows where which medications are in stock
ABD0052_20230103 – SALZBURG – …USTRIA: ++ ARCHIVE IMAGE/THEME IMAGE ++ TO APA0119 FROM January 3rd, 2023 – Illustration on the topic “Pharmacy / Pharmacy / Medicine / Medication”, taken on July 7th, 2014 in Salzburg. Picture shows a pharmacist supplying medication in a hospital pharmacy. (ARCHIVE IMAGE FROM JULY 7, 2014) – PHOTO: APA/BARBARA GINDL

A new app shows the availability of all medications approved in Austria. The search results are sorted by proximity – at the touch of a button. If unavailable, it will be displayed whether medications with the same active ingredient are available in other pharmacies.

For the time being, 70 pharmacies in Vienna are connected to this ApoScout app. The aim is to roll out this service to other federal states in the next few months, said Thomas Brosch from the pharmaceutical wholesaler Kwizda, who developed the application with Kwizda Apo App GmbH.

There are around 1,400 pharmacies in Austria, of which the app can already display all locations with telephone numbers and availability at night, on Sundays and on public holidays, ordered by proximity, even if they are not yet connected to the availability search for medicines.

The advantages for customers are obvious: “You save yourself having to call 20 or 30 pharmacies,” said pharmacist Christian Wurstbauer when presenting the app functions in a city center pharmacy.

Users can call the pharmacy displayed directly from the app and have the medication they want placed on their side. The user can also be navigated to the selected location where the medication is available.

Pharmacists also have advantages; they also save themselves having to make phone calls and search for available medications for their customers. Participation in the app is free for both pharmacies and users.

Antibiotic shortage

As was the case last winter, this year around 600 medications in different pack sizes are either not available or are only available to a limited extent. There are enough medicines for colds. When it comes to antibiotic juices for children, it is becoming apparent that “it is becoming scarce,” said pharmacist Christian Wurstbauer.

It is therefore important that active ingredient warehouses have recently been set up in Austria so that, if necessary, medicines can be produced in pharmacies in so-called extemporaneous prescriptions.

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