Facebook: Business depends on advertising

Facebook: Business depends on advertising
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0.5 dollars are distributed per quarter and paper, which, according to the “Wall Street Journal”, should cost Meta around five billion dollars a year.

The group with 86,000 employees can easily cope with this. In the past quarter, according to figures published on Thursday evening, sales rose by a quarter to 40 billion dollars (36 billion euros) with a jump in profits from five to 14 billion dollars (12.9 billion euros). There were still some weak quarterly figures in 2023.

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Advertising accounts for 96 percent of sales

The strategy has not changed since Facebook was founded in 2004. Meta generates 96 percent of its sales through advertising. The drivers of the business are the Instagram and WhatsApp platforms. These were added to the group in 2012 and 2014.

However, the efforts regarding virtual reality and artificial intelligence are not yet bearing fruit. Both divisions have so far brought hardly any money into the US group’s coffers. Above all, the metaverse, the fusion of the real and virtual world, disappoints investors and shareholders. (Rome)

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